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  1. I wouldn't mind new PTC's with buzzbars, no headrests, & only a divider that goes up to the top of your hip, that tall divider is the most uncomfortable issue with the current trains imo.
  2. I think you would be surprised at how much better Beast & Racer would be just keeping the trains they have and using better quality, softer padding under the upholstery, getting rid of the seat divider that goes all the way to your shoulder, while keeping the one down by your hips, chucking the headrests, and going back to to a single lapbar with a seatbelt. This would also lighten the trains up as well, the way I see it, if The Voyage can run without headrests & a upper seat divider, than these two coasters certainly should be able to....jmo
  3. May 8th is the sign up deadline, correct?
  4. Well I'm buying for 2 people, my gold pass is older and just has the long number under the barcode on the back, my buddies pass which was new last fall also has the long number under the bar code, yet I don't see a 8 digit code on the back of his anywhere.
  5. When I click the button for the season pass ticket discount, it asks for the 8 digit season pass number, trying to figure out where this is located?
  6. My first ride on The Beast was in August of 1990, I was 8 years old and it's been my favorite ride ever since.
  7. Beastie was my first coaster when I was 3 or 4 probably around 1985 or 1986, Racer was my first adult coaster in 1988!
  8. That's Charlie & Denise Dinn in the front seat of The Beast. This was a test run before the ride actually opened to the public.
  9. They should have kept the Keelboats! Lol!
  10. I was at the park last night and just wanted to comment that The Beast rides I had were some of the best I've had in 21 years of riding it. The thick fog really intensified the experience and you couldn't see your hand in front of your face!
  11. The fastest point on the ride is not the bottom of the first drop, or the helix. It's actually the quick dip (final turn before engaging the 2nd lift).
  12. I think it was planned to enclose the helix all along, but winter weather prevented it from getting finished before the ride opened. Hence the helix tunnel was completed during the winter before the 1980 season.
  13. The PTC trains used to be 4-bench models 4 or 5 cars long? Sometime in the early 80's it was determined that these cars were placing alot of wear on the track and structure, hence they were cut down and turned into 3 bench trains 6 cars long. So in essence they are the same trains that the ride opened with, just modified.
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