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  1. Just a little update, it seems that efforts have been put forth to continue with the restoration so it can participate in the 75th anniversary of D-Day in 2019. https://www.savinglulubelle.org/home.html
  2. If you make me the new moderator, I promise that I will build a fire wall big enough to keep the Six Flags fans out. We all know that they come to Cedar Fair parks illegally, and the only reason they come is because of the well maintained rides, not to mention to get away from that weird bald guy.
  3. Those are some hot babes specially the last one..........um human that is!
  4. I'm still gunning for Crazy Horse, the Giga Mag Lev Log Flume with the Lim launch. But I digress............ I don't think any one has mentioned a toboggan run, just wanted to point that out.
  5. It goes in the center of that turnaround down at the bottom of the pic I'm really buying what you're selling here, Kenban. The zones divided by the railroad track makes a lot of sense. I thought the statue was replacing the Eiffel Tower. Never mind about that...?Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk Where would the elevator go? Up. Tb, obliged. Up what?.......(I meant where? (Dang it......I meant HOW?)) I give up.
  6. OK this one is a little better but I forgot about it.
  7. Drones are not permitted over any of KI property regardless of how populated, or what occupies the land. The rules for this are set by both the FAA and KI. Every thing you wanted to know about flying drones and the regulations involved can be found here. A lot of it is very general and can be interpreted in many ways, so read carefully. https://www.faa.gov/uas/regulations_policies/ Also there are certain regulations regarding general aviation aircraft flying over a venue such as KI such as altitude and type of flying.(e.g. acrobatic is prohibited) I can go on but I am very busy designing Crazy Horse, the mag lev giga log flume with lim launch.
  8. ^Oh I know I know!!! And as for Credits, I would love to see an amusement park deal with a manufacture with credits, it would kind of go like this:
  9. So with the orange ribbons starting to show up does that mean that they ran out of pink, or are my hopes for a Susan G Komen race for the cure coaster gone?
  10. I totally forgot about this, a zip line roller coaster. (Now how to incorporate mag lev, water, and horses)
  11. The Log Flume actually opened at Coney Island in 1968 and was moved to Kings Island for the opening in 1972.
  12. I don't want to start any rumors but I think Universal is going to buy Kings Island and they are going to turn the KIMVRR into this!!
  13. I would love to see a meg lev log flume style carousel, and they could name it Crazy Horse!
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