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  1. The one thing we notice were the token machines, previous year you could put $5.00 in and would get 20 tokens, but this year put in $5.00 you get only 12 tokens!! and there are no coin deposits anymore, plus it is a dollar to play a claw game now! what a rip off! But the employess were very nice and friendly also, but I bet in the next couple months that will change.
  2. we get the blue ice cream every time we go, about 2-3 times a week, And it is different this year, it is like a frozen custard, and I have had it different textures too, and shades of blue, this is at the Action Zone side and Planet Snoopy side, but my DD still loves it, as do I, I always make sure I have a penny with me, since the total is $3.61. still great but sometime different. and sometimes different sizes too.
  3. If they were at the BB, it could have been about the Shigella outbreak, I guess there are some public pools in NKY that are closed, I hope BB does not have this problem in the future. yuck!!
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    when I worked in GR I think I was told that guest with meds can go to the first aid building and they will keep it for you.
  5. I also remember when they used to play rock music in The Beast and racer stations, I swear I remember hearing AC/DC before I rode The Beast my 1st time. Or maybe I was just so scared, that I imagined it.
  6. thats too funny, I was cleaning out my closet and i found 2 paramount sweatshirts, grey and navy blue, a hat, and a white polo shirt with a little tower on it. if anyone would like these let me know before I donate them. I do like looking at these old pics!!! thanks for posting these!!!
  7. I was lucky enough to ride The Bat a few times, I was probally 11-12 yrs old, and by far that ride stands out more then any other rides I have rode, It was the best ride I have ever been on,, I remember when I had a cavity and my dentist gassed me up, he told my think of something fun, and I remember thinking of The Bat, I sure do miss it,
  8. When I went over Labor day weekend and renewed and got my 3 soon to be a 4 yr old a Jr pass. they just went ahead and gave her a adult gold pass.
  9. Last year Howl O Fest was out at Picnic Grove, which everyone did a really great job there!!
  10. I will def. be there for renewal!! what a great deal!! and this will be the 1st time my daughter willl get a pass, Im so excited for her!!! shes 3!! I never thought I would be excited to spend extra $$!!
  11. For those who are old enough to drink, are the frozen drinks that they serve at the park good, are they worth the $$? Thanks
  12. When The Partridge family was there, I love David Cassidy!!!
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