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  1. The one thing we notice were the token machines, previous year you could put $5.00 in and would get 20 tokens, but this year put in $5.00 you get only 12 tokens!! and there are no coin deposits anymore, plus it is a dollar to play a claw game now! what a rip off! But the employess were very nice and friendly also, but I bet in the next couple months that will change.
  2. we get the blue ice cream every time we go, about 2-3 times a week, And it is different this year, it is like a frozen custard, and I have had it different textures too, and shades of blue, this is at the Action Zone side and Planet Snoopy side, but my DD still loves it, as do I, I always make sure I have a penny with me, since the total is $3.61. still great but sometime different. and sometimes different sizes too.
  3. If they were at the BB, it could have been about the Shigella outbreak, I guess there are some public pools in NKY that are closed, I hope BB does not have this problem in the future. yuck!!
  4. shellpo202


    when I worked in GR I think I was told that guest with meds can go to the first aid building and they will keep it for you.
  5. I also remember when they used to play rock music in The Beast and racer stations, I swear I remember hearing AC/DC before I rode The Beast my 1st time. Or maybe I was just so scared, that I imagined it.
  6. thats too funny, I was cleaning out my closet and i found 2 paramount sweatshirts, grey and navy blue, a hat, and a white polo shirt with a little tower on it. if anyone would like these let me know before I donate them. I do like looking at these old pics!!! thanks for posting these!!!
  7. I was lucky enough to ride The Bat a few times, I was probally 11-12 yrs old, and by far that ride stands out more then any other rides I have rode, It was the best ride I have ever been on,, I remember when I had a cavity and my dentist gassed me up, he told my think of something fun, and I remember thinking of The Bat, I sure do miss it,
  8. When I went over Labor day weekend and renewed and got my 3 soon to be a 4 yr old a Jr pass. they just went ahead and gave her a adult gold pass.
  9. Last year Howl O Fest was out at Picnic Grove, which everyone did a really great job there!!
  10. I will def. be there for renewal!! what a great deal!! and this will be the 1st time my daughter willl get a pass, Im so excited for her!!! shes 3!! I never thought I would be excited to spend extra $$!!
  11. For those who are old enough to drink, are the frozen drinks that they serve at the park good, are they worth the $$? Thanks
  12. When The Partridge family was there, I love David Cassidy!!!
  13. People still do that??? Gross, when I worked on The Racer back in 96, it was always the Manson crew, the people that were Fans of Marilyn Manosn, and would try to intimadate people, usually one of us would follow them off The Racer if we could, to make sure they did not spit, I remember cleaning all the spit on the back of the seats too, yuck!!
  14. Im pretty sure we are going me and my 1 and 3 yr old girls, after nap time ofcorse!!
  15. I remember back when they used to play rock music in the stations, I remember hearing AC/DC while waiting for The Beast, and seeing people making out laying in the grassy areas by the tower, oh and the face painting station under the tower, while in line for The Racer these guys had there faces painted like KISS who was popular at the time, I was just in awe!!
  16. Screamin demon here too. my friend at the time was scared by time we got to the top that she did not want to ride, I had to ride it by myself, it was fun, I was around 8 or so.
  17. thanks for the Pics and all the TRs, yay time is getting closer!!! Thanks again!!
  18. I wish they would turn down the music some, and I also miss the different theme music in different areas of the park,
  19. I just want to thank you all who posted TRs and pics!! That is very cool of you guys!! we are looking forward to the season!!!
  20. Hi, can any of you tell me what is the age for a season pass my daughter is 3, do they go by age or height?? I could not find any info. TIA
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