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  1. I have been on there..my real name is Kari Jack..add me!
  2. The one in NU tastes better than the one in Action Zone.
  3. I purchased a pass this year that hasn't been processed yet and they told me I could just white out the name and bring it in to be processed with whoever I wanted to have it. I haven't tried it yet though.
  4. I would remove that photo from onride the Fairly Odd Coaster, you may get in trouble.

  5. I was there 1st of April last year and it was snowing..lol That could be why the water rides are not sure to be open. The weather can be unpredictable
  6. ok then I thought that both days were for RWW only and the only way you could get in was if you had a membership to the various clubs or forums....I see now...
  7. But if the only thing going on if RWW that Sunday then they wouldn't have the $9.99 admission for Mothers day as they had last year since its not open to the public...
  8. Drove by twice today and both times there was testing going on! It was great to see!
  9. So, according to the calendar, there will be more than just the Ride Warriors going on that weekend. Will that make the park even more packed, if it even would be?
  10. We took well over 30 last year. Hoping to do the same this year!
  11. My trips are usually unplanned as well. I will be there opening day, but usually am there every Friday night from 6-10 for the 1st two months. After that its usually Sundays as long as its not too hot..lol ONce it gets too hot, its usually Boomerang Bay, then we start coming back to KI when it cools off. The 1st two months on Fridays is the best as almost everything is a walk on.
  12. We went on Memorial Day expecting the water to be freezing. As soon as we got there, we jumped in the pool to get used to it and then went to the slides. We weren't cold the rest of the day. It really wasn't too bad.
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