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  1. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?...mp;#entry227007 Lucky Guess!
  2. Couldn't find anything interesting on 2.02.88 but on 7.01.92 there was a 6.6 magnitude earthquake in California
  3. So maybe the ride will be called "Snake Attack!"
  4. So if we were to predict another big event coming to Kings Island when and what would it be? I think/hope the Brady Bunch will come back on Labor Day Weekend!
  5. On Sundays during the summer you are allowed to use your Gold Pass to get $5 tickets on Skyflyer all day long
  6. I have always wanted to take the stairs on the Eiffel Tower Also I would love to walk the track of The Beast, Racer or Son of Beast with the maintenance crews in the morning
  7. I agree that the park probably should have stayed open until 7:30ish just to give people a little more advanced warning. However at 7:00 there really wasn't anyone left in the park so it didn't really matter. I believe the last time that the park closed early was opening day 2005 when the park closed at 12:00pm. The weather that day was awful, windy, and constantly raining. I also seem to recall another day in Pre-Season 2005 where the park never opened because the weather was so terrible. It was a Sunday in April/May.
  8. Those were removed in the 06/07 along with the remote control trucks game by Adventure Express Very Nice Pictures
  9. I am pretty sure that the straight line winds did not hit the Eiffel Tower with as much force as the sign. I live about a half mile from where the straight line winds hit and we didn't get a bit of damage, I think it was like a tornado in that if the structure wasn't hit the damage was minimal. In my opinion if the Tower had been hit head on by the straight line winds it would have toppled.
  10. The Beast Firehawk Son of Beast Delirium Flight of Fear If I were you I would ride them in the order of Son of Beast, Delirium, Flight of Fear, Firehawk, and a night ride on The Beast!
  11. I honestly wouldn't count on big lines at all. FOF, and Firehawk will be the only ones you will have to wait for. However if you are going to ride in the front seat on SOB and Beast then expect a 10-15 minute wait. Have a wonderful trip!
  12. For the most part this holds true, however they did have the Freedom Concert and a Weird Al concert last year. Not sure if they have announced any other concerts besides Spirit Song for this year.
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