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  1. pope03

    PKI Sold?

    I haven't been following the forums, but my friend told me today that his dad( who works for procter&gamble) told him pki got sold. Is this true, and who bought it?
  2. Total Trips: 1 Trip 1 2 Viking Fury: 1 Days of Thunder: 1 Face/Off: 1 1 Eiffel Tower: 2 1 Congo Falls: 1 Whitewater Canyon:1 Adventure Express: 1 1 Tomb Raider 1 Vortex 1 Racer(backwards) 1 3d spongebob 1 Topgun 1 Train 1 The Beast 1 La Rosa's 1 Bubba Gumps: 1 1 Festhaus: 1 Fed the Fish: 1
  3. pope03

    Bubba Gumps

    Thats another reason they should get rid of the bees! Don't carpenter bees build make holes in the wood to build nests? Thats probably not something they want to have. And why couldn't they buy the same kind of dogfood. I don't think it was a special order, I've seen plenty of dogfood in a small size.
  4. Coastergirl, I think you've discovered a new idea for P?KI '07! Or at least i'll keep that idea in my head, cause i think its a wonderful idea. They need more things for grown-ups anyway. ( I put a question mark after the P because i don't know if it will still be paramount's or not)
  5. The staff was very nice saturday. They were talking and asking how your day was going. That was the positive side of opening weekend. The people at the fudge counter were nice too.
  6. "This opening day update includes: Nickelodeon Universe up and alive for the first time! The special character breakfast with some of the most popular Nickelodeon characters. General park improvements and things you may notice different from last year" What park improvements are they talking about. They didn't make sure the rides were ready and they could use a paint job on a lot of places. I think they spent a little TOO much time in Nick Universe during off season. The other park is just as important if not more.
  7. Does anybody think the music is louder than usual at PKI? The music is supposed to be softer background noise.
  8. pope03

    Old Cars

    Can anybody tell me when and why they took out the first half of the old cars? I guess this was a clue the other half wasn't gonna last much longer. I wish they would come back. That was a true family ride. People of all ages can ride in NU, but that doesn't mean dad enjoys the baby coaster. But those cars were fun for everyone.
  9. pope03


    The second Hot Topic I've started. You guys are great.
  10. I don't know when PKI got a breast crew, but how do you join? Sounds like the job for me!
  11. pope03


    Huh, and I always thought Paramount was a charity organization. Rides were broke down????? man did they run out of the fairy dust that keeps machines operating no matter what. I thought they were required by law to keep Ride fairy dust in stock all summer so rides don't break down. Whats with the world today....soon they will be asking us to pay for gas, and what would it be like if counties started making us pay for water....I mean gosh EVERYTHING SHOULD JUST BE FREE!, AND THE WORLD PERFECT Wow! I don't think I can put into words exceptable for this forum how stupid you just made yourself look. When people start saying things like this person did, that means they need a break from PKIC forum so they can go back to reality and make sure they are ok. They weren't saying that rides are NEVER supposed to break down, but on PKI's Opening Day Celebration wouldn't you except everything to be working properly? The park has been open three days, and more rides have broke down in one day than i've ever noticed. Also, if there was a fairyland like cincyboy is talkin about, then pki should take Delirium back to the great rollercoaster store and get there money back because it doesn't funtion properly.
  12. For anyone that has passed by Bubba Gumps, they have noticed the bee infestation. I've never seen so many bees in the park, especially in one place. Also, back where you feed the gold fish, the have a much larger type of dog food, and you only get 5-6 pieces for a quarter. The dogfood is also too big for the fish to eat, and I could count 20 groups of fish fighting over pieces of dogfood for long periods of time. What's going on with PKI?
  13. pope03


    Can someone tell me why Delirium never works. I thought I seen an empty test run yesterday morning, but the ride was closed all day, with about 3 people working at that ride, which doesn't seem very practical. But last year when I visited it wasn't working either. Is there anybody that asked them what the problem was?
  14. Yesterday was my first time visting PKI on opening day. I thought that since it was the "Grand Opening Celebration" that the park would be in tip-top shape, but I found that to be not true. Drop Zone and Italian Stunt track had some difficulties, and i noticed Italian stunt track was actually closed. Bathrooms were dirtier than normal. And this isn't a big deal but why don't they have cheese in festhaus. Another thing is the added counters in the food line at Festhaus. They set the food under the new raised counters, and then your pizza gets cold. I found that out first hand. So tell me if this is normal for opening weekend, and I would like to here what other people have found in the park.
  15. I thought a HB themed movie was supposed to be in the motion theater, but its still the stupid spongebob 3D
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