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About Me

I am a hair designer by trade. Have my teaching license in Cosmetology.

I am a licensed Pyro Tech with the State of Ohio Fire Marshall ( thanks to Kings Island entertainment dept. for making this happen in 1997)

Im a very passionate and determined person. I like having a wide range of friends, and i love meeting new people. I don't waste my time with fakes, liars or judgemental/ignorant people though, i wish they could take a class on how not to suck at life. I always say what's on my mind, i dont see the point in sugarcoating or bull****ting around. I dont live with regrets because I accept that the past is in the past. Unfortunately our society is so closeminded and judgemental for the most part, there are people that worry about what everyone else thinks. I would rather live my life the best way I can and enjoy every second because at the end of our days you will most probably wish you did the same. I love the simplicity in life that many people don't seem to notice, or care to.

I believe the world would be a better place without money. That said i think people would be better people without money. I like speaking out, making positive changes to the world and one day I hope I can do something profound that affects people. I have mainly learned to enjoy what I have, before its inevitably lost.

A little Mizchievous. I could not describe myself as any certain type. I'm complicated but I like simple things...I love skittles....I am not a lover of chocolate...

I like all types of music and I love to dance...I like horror movies but I won't sleep for days after watching them....

I absolutely HATE posers...

I would rather jab my eyes out than to touch a wooden spoon/utensil....

I am constantly losing my atm card, keys and cellphone....I am grumpy in the mornings until i have coffee...

If electricity comes from 'electrons', does morality come from "morons"?

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