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  1. That's $30.00 off! Which for some reason, I'm thinking Don was talking about the regular season passes. I mean, $30? After they're building a $5 million ride? Lower the prices by that much? Seems pretty crazy to me.

    I actually think that makes sense. Yes they are putting in a new ride and has a lot of people excited, maybe bigger season pass sales with such a great discount?

  2. When most casual visitors think of kI, they think of coasters? HUH? Not necessarily at all. And yes people( a lot of people think and talk about shows) There is a lot to do at KI and not everyone thinks of coasters. I would venture to say most Casual patrons think about a lot more than coasters.

  3. I would not call it winning although I am sure it will be settled before the court date like most of them do. I think people are greedy in these things even if the park was responsible. These things make insurance premiums and admission, food everything go up! If it was found the park was at fault I could see them paying medical bills and such but as I said most people are looking for a payday, period!

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