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  1. You are not alone there. They have to take a crow bar to pry my hands from the restraints.
  2. Did you hear that CEO of a specific company? Did ya?
  3. Not only that but also locals. Not everyone is a park fan.
  4. I would imagine a food service employee would have no knowledge of such an event. I would say that was assumption on they're part. Think about it. They are keeping this hush hush so how or why would a food service employee know anything.
  5. ^ That is not strange whatsoever. There are many who do not know. Not everyone who visits KI has been there before or even into the rides like most of us here are. Theme parks as well as Amusement parks and even Fairs for that matter have lost the luster they used to hold for many of us. Back when I was small these places were so magical. But after going there 30+ years and learning the ways of the jedi so to speak it is not so much as thrilling anymore. Please do not get me wrong I have a strong passion for parks of this nature but every year many many many patrons visit these places without the knowledge or experience most of us have.
  6. I myself would like to see the ET a different color, yes it is original but make it bright and snazzy
  7. I want them to bring back old school flats
  8. I do not think they allow it. But as he said it is always best to call to be sure.
  9. Signed up ty Kirk. Now that is my kind of fan site but you already know this
  10. My nephew was a Professor at Moorhead once upon a time.. here is more on Willow. http://www.arcadiapu...le.html?id=1790 Then type this in yahoo search engine images, tons of pics there. Pennsylvania's Willow Grove Amusement Park
  11. I am pretty close to it Terpy And yes the internet was back then just not as we know it. I remember in the late 80's we had compuserve but it is not the internet we have today in no way shape or form
  12. I have a friend who grew up in that area I am gonna ask him if he has pics of it. And there was an internet it started in 1957 However the home user it did not surface until the 80's
  13. This year I have seen actual uniformed employee's go to a food stand and order food. I have seen a rides employee walking through Rivertown and stop and talk to a buddy at the basketball thing and shoot some baskets. I see girls walking around the park practically naked in swim suits. Nothing is ever done about these things however when I have said something to a ride op about line jumpers they always take care of it without there being two parties to confirm it.
  14. But they are woodies and you said rode one you rode them all
  15. I honestly never know where you are going with your posts. Rode one rode em all. Now that Diamondback is here gives you the right to complain. With sounding like the azz I usually am I shall say this: If you are so miserable with KI why do you go. Are you one of those people who will ***** and moan until they get a new ride then turn around a year later and complain cause they need something new? Why do you even go to the park? Is it the parks responsibility to keep you happy and keep you in the rides you want to ride? The answer is no. One minute you like a ride the next you hate it then like it ok once more. Do I like all the rides at KI? Um that is a big fat NO, however I am happy I have the chance to go and ride what they do have. I never count on certain type rides to be built. Sounds to me you would be happier at another park. I do not want you to think I am bashing you on your likes and dislikes cause I am not. Just do not understand your reasoning.
  16. And I still call them by those names and always will.
  17. That was kinda my point to the poster above. We have to remember especially employees not everyone who visits the park is a enthusiast such as most of us are. That made me feel bad also cincyman98
  18. Yes they do but instead of saying you need to turn around you could have explained to him why he had to turn around and how that was reserved parking. A lot of people do not read signs nor do they go to websites. Not everyone is in the web world as we know it.
  19. Wisconsin Dells--you really know you need it, Considering where the TV's become more of a wasteland; Wisconsin Dells--especially come the summer, When the heat can only drive your mind insane.... You've got to have yourself some real fun; Why need you have to take medication? Wisconsin Dells--credit all the waterparks For giving you a reason just to get away; Wisconsin Dells--a reason that you ought to Start turning off the TV a little more.... And with the TV becoming more predictable, It only makes logical sense just to turn it off.... Wisconsin Dells--that's the place you ought to head to, Rather than Orlando, or even Branson; Wisconsin Dells--I think you'll get to like them, Once you start to discover the fun that they have.... Wisconsin Dells.... Wisconsin Dells....
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