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  1. Wow I will say that ride would scare the heck out of me.
  2. DB is an up and down ride. You have to remember cormaster on these forums and even coaster freaks around the world are from many walks of life and each and everyone has a like and dislike in certain things. But saying KI is ridiculous because they have not built one since DB is nutz...lol Don't put the park down cause they are not catering to your tastebuds. I am sure they could careless what any of us think. matter of fact I know they do not.
  3. ^wooden coaster militia? what do you think it is when people want nothing but steel coasters and say how wooden coasters are basically up and down rides.
  4. It is easy for us to wish for things but not so easy for the park. And KI has broken several records when it comes to coasters. So what if they are not running now. Just like a phone or computer. Buy one today 6 months it is outdated .
  5. Rinky dink is in the eye of the beholder.
  6. So basically you are just hate'n that ride and woodies on your own presumptions. Thats cool we all have are likes and dislikes. Why does the park have to build another new coaster? A year after that is built I am sure you will complain cormaster they need a new one. This is a industry which takes millions to run not to mention to get a new attraction costs millions also. Why does everything have to be big? KI is not CP nor will it ever be. CP is the flagship and pretty sure it always will be.
  7. I do not think there is a law enacted that states you have to have drinking fountains in a public place or park. Yes if they removed them people would be upset. I remember when White castles charged .10 to use the bathroom. Each stall had a slot to insert your dime then the door would unlock. I hope they never get rid of the drinking fountains at KI, I mean why would they? I am not a fan at all of the prices at KI for food or drinks however why should the park give free stuff away? To us it is a place we pay to go. To them it is a business which is the way it should be. People who threaten to never return to the park again usually do anyways.
  8. ^ where? ..... I am adding this also so I do not have a one worded post
  9. Unless they got the trains back from Jungle Jim's and making a new safari ride. Those speakers will be used to make animal noises so all the stuffed animals seem real
  10. This is where the ice show is now, same stage
  11. Had to break the video up in 3 parts, this is the third. There are three acts in this one I am in the last one. I am the third person to come out on stage to the right of the video. Most of the woman in this dance were tech guys from our show. "Entertainment Tonight". This was a fun parody of the actual show the patrons saw everyday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7tZqJhZbIQ
  12. One thing is for sure there are many coaster buffs on these threads which is ok. But as mentioned in many threads there is more to KI than just rides. Shopping, eating, people watching and shows to name a few. I like rides however I spend more time doing the first mentioned items than anything. I love to browse the shops every time I go even if I do not buy. I also do not wait over 30 minutes for any ride at KI.
  13. I would hang with ya if I was there today:)
  14. 4 times today. I am glad there are other people who love to watch shows like me. No different than going to KI and ride DB 3 times.
  15. Yes we can. I hear OJ Simpson is not using his lawyers anymore.
  16. Of course we care but there is nothing we can do about it.
  17. Your dad might own the park but that is nothing. My dad is the dippin dots guy so I know more than you. We all know the dippin dots guy is the boss of the owner
  18. Actually the plates in the earths crust shifted so now it is sinking, at least Vortex is not sinking anymore
  19. um no. I have reported jumpers and they get booted off every time and me being the only one reporting them.
  20. It is also possible to put up one of the Big coasters by opening day even those things have not started as we know it. It is amazing how much stuff goes on under the patrons eyes and noses and what happens at night
  21. I will take that as a compliment even if it is not...lol
  22. You are right Jackson! If people say things like they wont buy another pass or go there again cause they did not put in a ride they like maybe shouldn't go anyways.
  23. I say something to the ride op not the person them self but have no problem standing there while the ride op says to me "are these the jumpers?".
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