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  1. i was in a few live shows thruout the mid to late 90's, but now even nickelodeon stage was gutted and filled in with concrete, what a shame. i also realize alot of people here go for the rides but the shows are just as much as the atmosphere, hopefully cf brings them back..... and yes alot of the same cast and crew of HOR was in the nick parade, this shows how much pki cut back on the entertainment department.....back in 95 and 96 when they had house of groove and retro repeat the beat at international showplace, when the shows were going you could here it all over and it was great it was out in the open air....
  2. i myself have put pki down on certain aspects such as i think the last few years they have ruined things, but on the other hand they do some good things such as the season pass thingy, well done pki, now lets hope cf catches on
  3. yes tear it down and bring on another, send it to the amusement graveyard with the mono-rail and the many before it, i salute you sob but its time to move on
  4. anyone have pics of the 95 and 96 shows? house of groove 1995 retro repeat the beat 1996
  5. the few shows they have now are good but was better when they seemed to have shows around every corner, such as internartional showplace, back in 95 and 96 they had two great shows there and while walking thru the park you could here them, it just added to the whole thrill...hopefully Cedar Fair will bring back more shows and chactures
  6. after the shows end most of the costumes go back to a wharehouse where they are kept and reused or atered if possible. this also goes for most props......at the end of each year the entertainers have a chance to buy thier shoes that they were issued for the show, i doubt very seriously if pki sold those to fairfield.....i worked in entertainment for a long time at pki and never saw costumes like that, but i could be wrong
  7. even though there was a big crown on the 4th we had no problem getting on rides, no long waits what so ever
  8. Purplehaze


    i have under good authority that the sit down restraunt above the front gate is going to reopen this summer, i am excited about this, although i am sure you will have to take out a morgtage or sell your first born to afford eating there...lol.. and i was told if i reveal my source i woud get beat down...lol
  9. i dont believe pki is haunted, well ok i lied, when i have a beer or 6 at bubbas then maybe...
  10. i know change will always happen and expansion is a reality but i also believe they shpuld make a section dedicated to the old days like someone metioned earlier, keep old coney for that effect
  11. i worked for many years in the entertainment department thru the 90's, i am so disapointed they have few shows now, everysince i was a kid there was a show around every corner, such as international showplace the shows were always packed, especially the evening shows when people were wore out, they would walk by hear and see the show and go in and watch it.....from a relaible sorce, when the park officially changes hands the shows will come back in full swing, it adds to the atmosphere, and me for one things its wrong to cut back to just a few shows....so next year should be alot better as shows are concerned....
  12. a suggestion for the bees at bubba's. drink a few of those tasty beers and you will forget all about the bees..lol..oh yeah and take out a bank loan to pay for them...lol
  13. what about the beer. omg the beer, i think it was 5 bucks a pop last yeat, or maybe even more....
  14. Is bubba gumps open this weekend? Also is the back area open where they serve those awesome buffalo wings and beer? I am going this afternoon but want to know if it is open..... last year towards the end of the season they wernt serving the wings and it was closed alot.
  15. i was there it was awesome. i have 13 years working in the park, rides dept in the late 70's to the mid 80s and then the rest of the time was in entertainment department. the nu was awesome, so glad they did that, but for an old timer like me its kinda sad, each year you see an old memory disapear and the new come in....both my sons work there now one in security and one in food so i can ride with them and go right in without the wait at the tolls. seemed like there was more people in the season passline than there was in the park...lol.....
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