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  1. I agree with you in a way coaster junkie and SOB and rcfreak. However he is a human being doing a show for the people. He was injured. Who cares if the roller coaster is ok or not it is just a machine. And as RCFreak said even if it did it would just be a little adjustment. As in many other threads where it is talked about hitting your hand on The Beast tunnels. That could tear your arm off. If it happened sure it would be that persons fault not the rides but saying you do not feel sorry for him? The girl who just plunged 40 feet. She could be dead for all we know at this point, we could blame her for even riding it in the first place. No Human life or injury is worth the sake of a ride.
  2. I wish they would release a statement on how the girl is doing. I thought a lot about her last night and prayed she will pull through. Her injuries are severe I know. Just can not get her off my mind. I can not even begin to imagine what it would feel like to have this happen to one of my children.
  3. I would love to take a Halloween excursion to all the parks this year to experience everything but that is when my business gets busy, not so much in the summer.
  4. Yes it is and there are a few parks in the Midwest. http://maps.howstuffworks.com/maps-of-the-midwest.htm I have never been to CP Halloween bash, is it good?
  5. Purplehaze


    MASON, OH (FOX19)- Kings Island is looking for demented souls to terrorize the labyrinths and demonic dwellings of our Halloween Haunt. Take part in the bloodcurdling horror, mind-bending terror and nightmarish madness of Halloween Haunt 2010. Interviews must be done in person at the park and are held without appointment. Apply online before your interview atwww.visitkingsisland.com/jobs. Interviews will take place Saturdays and Sundays from August 7 through September 12 from Noon until 5:00pm. Applicants must be at least 16 years old. Halloween Haunt is the most impressive horror experience in the Midwest, featuring more than 500 ghastly creatures emerging from the darkness, 14 highly-intense and bone-chilling haunted attractions, two "live" shows and some of the most hair-raising rides on the planet! Gates to the underworld for Halloween Haunt are open from 7:00pm to 1:00am every Friday and Saturday night September 24 through October 30.
  6. Have you ever looked at it close from AZ? I did the other day I was like wow looks like it was made from tooth picks..lol Kinda like a card house , breathe the wrong way and it topples.
  7. It does look kinda rickety and one good wind and whamo its gone...lol That is a good question. Wonder how many supports would have to be taken out for it to fall. I do know though it is more stable than it looks..
  8. Sure it is a big deal when you say CF site. This is not a CF site.
  9. Some interesting tidbits I did not know. KI still uses the original Larosa's recipes it used in the 70's as where the actual larosa's stores have changed it since then.
  10. I agree let someone who does not have a pass at all win.
  11. Not really, this is not a CF site this is a fan site that is not affiliated with CF . You will never see a SF banner on the CF webpages, that is comparing night to day.
  12. I would not go to sleep if I was you, your now going to have to play non stop till Monday
  13. I hope you do win, keep playing. I think it goes until Monday? I don't know..lol
  14. Played just fine on my puter. I am having no problem whatsoever with lag or direction.
  15. It is a cute game, it wasn't designed to be played on xbox. It is a lil flash game.
  16. It is a game, has nothing to do with getting a new ride. Honestly it amazes me how anything that happens means it is a new ride. They are giving admission tickets away. Not some elaborate game giving out clues to a new ride.
  17. I miss then to and so does many many many guest who it is not so easy to walk to the park entrance.
  18. It is no more weird than talking about other parks in the threads. Those banners are a source of revenue. Some affiliate marketing works off of key words the bot spyders pick up while accessing pages and indexes. I am not sure this was where a site host put it up. They usually do not do that unless it is a free account then they have control of what ads go up. yeah what I said
  19. I agree windshawne, there are so many more things to worry about and fix before new rides are brought in. But most do not see that. They are the ones who do a trip report and complain cause they had to drive and walk through pot holes to the entrance of the park or because there is not appropriate theming on the rides and the list goes on.
  20. Thats awesome, thanks for the post. Sounds like with the arrow keys it's going to be a frenzy
  21. Not an argument so do not make it one. I was just stating a fact, sorry you do not approve.
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