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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Haha yeah there's a coney island on every corner in Detroit. I saw no less than 20 of them when I visited Detroit 2 years ago. I missed this anniversary. Last year I went on the 123rd anniversary and that was the same day I met CoastersRZ. I want to go on the 125th anniversary so I can see what's in the time capsule.
  2. You are a funny dude. lol

    I mean that in the good way.

  3. Spoken like someone who fits and always fit the seats designed for the average 170 pound 5 foot 10 inch male. Terp, who has both fit and not fit those seats... And funny part is, it's like I posted way back on the second page. I had a friend like that with almost exactly those same stats and he couldn't be belted in on Millennium Force.
  4. Actually Dvo my friend had a similar problem back in..... I wanna say it was '03 or maybe '04. He's not much bigger than me (he's 5'11" and about 170 lbs.) and he couldn't ride Millennium Force. To make matters worse there were people bigger than him that were on the ride (at 5'11", 170 lbs., he's pretty skinny). We thought maybe he'd just been given a seat with a shorter seatbelt than normal. He probably was. He had to leave the line anyway apparently, wasting four hours' worth of waiting for nothing.
  5. Where I live you couldn't even fit a smaller ride like the Scrambler or the Charlie Brown Swing, let alone a coaster like SoB.
  6. Sea Dragon at Jungle Jack's Landing. I've ridden it so many times.
  7. Aw crud, and I missed it. I haven't seen it in its entirety in about 10 years. At least not on a big screen. A heads-up while I'm at it, for anyone looking for this episode it's in the Brady Bunch season 5 box set. The episode is also up on Youtube.
  8. I don't really see the big deal behind it either. I do the same thing, and not necessarily willingly. I said last time to my friend when we were there, "hey let's go ride The Vortex/Delirium/what have you." Speaking of the "darnedest things" I used to think when I was real little that The Beast was named after the X-Men character. Trust me when I say I now know better.
  9. I wasn't bothered StalkerChick, I just don't think that age has anything to do with it in my case. Especially since my case is so inconsistent. This however did bother me: You rode Diamondback 42 times and felt fine? I'm glad. I was able to do the same thing (but with Millennium Force and some others) up until four years ago. So only crybabies have motion sickness huh? I was the ride king when I was younger. I can assure you it has nothing to do with fear or crying in dang near anyone's case.
  10. I seem to have a weird but inconsistent form of motion sickness. Let me explain. Well my motion sickness started back in 2005 after the Tomato Festival was over. I had ridden a fair ride called Hurricane about 10 times in a row (the fair I went to before that, I actually got sick on a ride for the very first time). After the last ride I felt horrible and couldn't do anything for a couple hours. Next year I go to the I-X Indoor Amusement Park. I go on Hurricane again but this time I don't feel that bad. I go on Round-Up and still don't feel bad. I ride Thunder Bolt however (it's a Matterhor
  11. I would like to back up Beast1979 by also saying that some of my best days were also when visiting Geauga Lake. Most other ones were from visiting Cedar Point. Then again I mostly have bad days anyway. The last time I went was in July or August of '07. This was before I'd heard anything about it being closed later that year. While there, pretty much all rides except Raging Wolf Bobs were open. But most of them didn't have long lines, except for a couple coasters and the Hay Baler (yes, you read that right). Even though I had motion sickness and couldn't really ride anything, I still had a b
  12. Jeez, time flies (or not). I was unaware that today was Coney Island's birthday. Glad I went now. BTW, it was nice to meet you.
  13. I heard something like that when I was in line for Delirium once. Someone in front of me looked up when it was in full swing, and said "Can you imagine if that thing snapped off?" Haha, really? That's hilarious. Glad I'm not the only one who's heard something similar. The same thing happened at Cedar Point a few weeks back when I went too, come to think of it. Is that rumor the next "Vortex/Magnum/whatever is sinking!"?
  14. Well, the way he phrased it, even with the title of the thread it's hard to know what he really meant by saying that. If you read it the way it's written, it looks like he was stating it as a fact, but I now know that that wasn't the case.
  15. I thought it got sent to Carowinds and rethemed as "Danny Phantom Flyers." As for me, I'd like more flat rides to be installed in the park. I mean, KI just doesn't have a lot of them (at least not ones that aren't for kids/families). Zephyr Viking Fury Scrambler Monster Shake Rattle 'n Roll Crypt Delirium But I just know somebody's gonna counter with "well, then, go about 30 miles up the road and you'll find a park with more flat rides" so I'll leave it there.
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