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  1. I went through Saturday night and like others have said, the entrance to the maze paired with the old house to the left was themed really well. They had some guy on the porch pacing back and forth screaming at people to go away. He did a really good job of seeming authentic. He reminded me of the the Errol character from season 1 of True Detective if anyone watched that
  2. Saw the flames this past Saturday. Man, can you really feel the heat off of them, even from a good distance away! Very cool look for international street though.
  3. This also eliminates much if not all of the cash monitoring that needs to be done on games associates
  4. Crazy what people will do for money. Neat park concept though.
  5. A bit of an update, but no real answers http://thescoopblog.dallasnews.com/2015/02/a-lot-of-questions-about-promised-3-5-billion-fort-worth-theme-park-but-not-many-answers.html/
  6. So I came across this news story about a very large park apparently being in the works in Alabama. http://www.al.com/news/huntsville/index.ssf/2015/01/can_a_3_billion_project_be_pla.html I am curious as to what you all thought about this? Seems pretty mysterious that it seemingly is coming out of nowhere and the city didn't even know about it. I also have never heard of DreamVision and didn't know if someone on here had any insight?
  7. If the new park is unique and fun, I say why not. I only fear that they get too big and fragmented. I'd hate to see another situation where the new park turns into what Hollywood Studios is now to some, a park in need of some work. I enjoy all Disney parks, but it might just make more sense to expand the current parks.
  8. As Terp pointed out, a stand-alone campground (unfortunately) wouldn't bring in enough revenue to stand alone. It would be an interesting/exciting move if Great Wolf offered some sort of outdoor camping experience, but they would obviously have to extend their brand on that one. Sorry for getting this convo off topic..
  9. probably not the best location for it, but it would be nice to see a return of a Kings Island campground
  10. Dang it, reading this thread has me really wanting Phantom Theater back again! It would be cool if the park could somehow make new versions of the old props/animatronics with today's technology. Same look and movement, but more reliable engineering and whatnot. Imagine the fanfare.
  11. Anyone think this could be a re-theme to the "LeBron coaster" idea CP said they would do?
  12. Enjoyed Dollar Days today. Maybe about a 5 minute line for Banshee ice cream and it was really good! The rain probably held off most of the holiday weekend crowd. I am glad that it wasn't as crazy as I, and some others on the site, thought it might be. Although there was a minor who asked my buddy to buy her a Mikes Hard Lemonade while in line at the LaRosas. He didn't, but it made me think of all the funny people-watching that was brought up on this thread.
  13. Just wanted to confirm, are the Bring A Friend Days every day during Aug 30-Sept 1?
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