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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. Yeah I got a 30% raise since I moved from KI to work at Sfne too!!! haha jk
  2. HEy the BENGALS are gonna kick the PATS Bootie!!!
  3. I cant wait Todd! Superman is waiting for you! I'm glad you had a great day at the POINT! I miss it there, after going there 10 times last season and only going 2 times this year is sad. Oh Well I have the NUM 1 Roller Coaster in my backyard!!!!
  4. So Someone help me bc i wont be attending Fear Fest this year but I'm Still very interested in hearing about it. Where are all the haunted attractions located? Do they still use the train and WWC exit for a haunted trail? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys ValleyFair just announced a NEW amazing GCI! Its more like a out and back but with some cool GCI features like a Station fly by or a high speed S curve. The ride looks amazing and This is Cedar Fairs first Wooden coaster that they installed in one of there parks since Mean Streak at Cedar Point in 1991! This is great news and a great ride! I'm def going up to ValleyFair next season to ride this beast! I like this addition to the park bc it creates a nice blend between rides. Its a smaller park but with this new coaster it just made this park Dorney size and Worlds Of Fun
  6. hsjhsdfhuewhrhfjzdfbf,m Yeah andaconda is ok but darn it jolts you around in some spots!
  7. Its not gonna close anytime soon. Attendance has been alot better this year!
  8. Medusa is good but its getting rough. When i rode it a month ago they really needed to replace the wheel assembly. Hey has anyone else been able to visit dorney this year?
  9. Ride of Steel is the best coaster Ive ever been on! To bad Maverick cant be an extended version of it with 3 or 4 more airtime hills and tunnels!
  10. Yea i like Hydra, its a lot of fun but I just wish that it was intense as Batman The Ride!
  11. Yeah the sad thing is the shows arnt that good for PARAMOUNT PICTURES! You would think that PP would have the best shows in the indusrty but who knows. I dont see attendance dropping at all bc of a few reasons. 1:we will get alot of people who go to Cedar Point regularly go to KI. 2:Season passes are cheaper 3:they should add a new ride next year and market it really good. 4:They will lower admission cost.
  12. I was just reading screamscape and i came across the 2 pics of what will be a corkscrew on MAVERICK! This is really cool and I'm glad there will be inversions on this ride! I cant wait to see what pointbuzz has to show us on there next update!
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