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  1. LilNik41

    What if you were hired to rename KI rides & shops?

    this is wat i would name everything... INTERNATIONAL STREET idc.... PAC- Action Zone Face/Off- Invertigo Drop Zone- The Drop TopGun- Mission Dogfight Son of Beast- keep same... Congo Falls- Extreme Waterfall Days of Thunder- Rally Racing Delirium-keep same... OKTOBERFEST- LAKE ADVENTURES Adventure Express- keep same... Viking Fury- keep same... CONEYMALL- HOLLYWOOD MIDWAY Italian Job- Mini Cooper Speed Lane Vortex- keep same... Flight of Fear- Expedition F.E.A.R. Action FX Theater- keep same... Racer- keep same... other rides- keep same... RIVERTOWN- keep same... Tomb Raider- Tomb of Mysteries Beast- keep same... CDBB- Boomerang Bay everything same.... thats wat i would name everything
  2. LilNik41

    Cedar Point Videos

    nice videos!
  3. LilNik41


    thanks BoddaH1994
  4. LilNik41

    Flight of Fear

    y is FoF gonna be down for a month???
  5. LilNik41


    i went on friday june 2nd, and both of The Racers were broken down on the lift. does that happen often???
  6. LilNik41

    Vortex's Destruction

    phew..... i still havent got the chance to ride it yet
  7. LilNik41

    Vortex's Destruction

    is Vortex seriously being shut down???
  8. LilNik41


    If my memory serves me correctly the peanuts were once a Nick show right? They were? No, they weren't. . . As has already been stated once in this thread. the peanuts was a nick show a long time ago but then it stopped for some reason... but anyways they're better not be peanuts characters walking around Kings Island or ill kil 'em
  9. LilNik41

    Whats your favorite ride and why

    Avatar cuz that ride is wat im likin
  10. LilNik41

    A Booster!

    i like the idea of a booster it would make a good addition to pki!
  11. Avatar was awesome i loved it! ive rode it 2 times and it gets better and better every time!!!