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  1. Strolling through the park!

  2. Arrows don't have a service life. Besides its the best coaster in the park. Serviceable life is that point where the ride's popularity drops below its maintenance costs - if such a graph were to exist. That line is different for every park, but it exists. It's all about the ride's perceived value in relation to its cost to maintain and its popularity. Every Ride has a service life trust me!
  3. Is anyone even thinking about how this new coaster could start its run around The Vortex Que house and make it way towards White Water Canyon? I would say the service life of The Vortex is up, and probably slated for removal that would free up quite a bit of space now wouldn't it?
  4. I was chatting with some ace members in the line for The Beast and we were talking about the next big coaster and this woman from cleveland who knows the park president says that he told her they weren't building anymore big coasters! what a shame!
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