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  1. I just thought I would ask what everyone's favorite coaster by Curtis D Summers is. I have been on several of his coasters and I liked all of them.
  2. I haven't been on Zephyr I have only been on 2 of their coasters.
  3. I corrected the spelling error. Just thought I would let you know.
  4. I've rode the one in Canada but not Shooting Star and I've also rode Python.
  5. What is everyone's favorite Vetell Brothers Coaster? RCDB states there are 10 operating coasters. I am referring to Erwin & Edward Vetell.
  6. I have rode 7 of them I liked all of them.
  7. I liked all of them. My favorite defunct coaster was/is Big Dipper at GL. Then KW Racer or Jack Rabbit.
  8. I was just wondering what everyone's favorite John Miller coaster is. Roller Coaster Database states that there are 135 coasters that he built and there are currently 9 operating.
  9. The census said there were/are 30 John Allen coasters. I live in Ohio and I have been to alot of parks in the north central/south, east coast states and Nevada. Someday I would like to visit the new england states, texas, and west coast states. I would rather not say which ones I am missing.
  10. I have rode 11 John Allen coasters and I liked all of them. Hopefully someday I will be able to ride more of them.
  11. I have a few suggestions that might help you get over your fear of coasters. Take deep breaths, remain calm, count to 10, ride the smaller rides first then work yourself up to Diamond Back. Try not to yell and scream it raises your blood pressure and take some Dramamine if you get motion sickness also eat and drink liquids while at the park to keep yourself healthy.
  12. What is Avatar and Wild Thornberry River Adventure going to be called? I haven't seen it on the website yet?
  13. Millenium Force best Magnum 2nd best Diamond Back 3 rd place
  14. What date is the sign shown on? when I click on link there is no picture of The New Beast Sign.
  15. I just wanted to know if the carousel had been moved yet to another park. I want it to be saved and want to ride it again. It is a very special carousel and I hope it finds a good home soon. Any ideas where it is going to be moved to? Is KI or CP going to get it?
  16. I was told Schlitterbahn, Parc, Knoebel's and CF bought most of the flat rides. It would be nice to know where the rides are going so we can go see them again. I guess we will have to see what is added new next year at the parks.
  17. Do they still have the Platinum Pass available for 09'? What is the cost? What's included? It's not shown on the website for 09' only regular passes.
  18. What rides did KW buy from GL? Where is the carousel? What park is it going to? There were alot more flat rides relocated/sold at auction then just coasters. This article is a lie.
  19. Is Disney going to purchase the whole chain or just Florida parks? I would hope that they buy all of them and leave them the way they are. I love the Busch parks and I love Disney but I don't want to see the parks changed from the way they are now. I wish Busch would keep the parks.
  20. I hope they allow tents also and have cottages available to rent as well. I wish them success in the future.
  21. I like the name Diamondback. I like the logo of the snake with the track. Are they using this logo or the one with the skull?
  22. It looks like an awesome water park/ride park. I hope word gets out and more people start visiting it. The zoo also needs to advertise in the state and have discounts available at AAA and different stores. I'm glad the park is reopened and I hope they had a successful first season.
  23. This doesn't surprise me. I have never visited Star Trek: The Experience but I hate to hear that it is closing Sept. 1, 2008. I feel sorry for the people who live in Las Vegas, NV and visit it regularly. Maybe CBS/Paramount will find different management to run it (Paramount) and put it elsewhere in the USA. Does Cedar Fair own the rides or are they CBS' property? When will a press release come from CF?
  24. I'm taking a break from amusement parks for awhile. I have will find other hobbies to keep me busy.
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