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  1. Excellent move, KI! If people are making more on unemployment than they are at a company, then there is something wrong with that company!
  2. https://www.wlfi.com/content/news/Indiana-Beach-closes-gates-567980101.html
  3. Tree branch kills 10-year-old boy at Indiana Beach Campground http://wlfi.com/2016/06/14/tree-branch-kills-10-year-old-boy-at-indiana-beach-campground/
  4. Mr. Ouimet does not own the park... Cedar Fair is a publicly traded company.
  5. I believe these are the indicator LEDs to confirm the lapbar has locked, not simply part of the light package. Quite troubling. That is quite troubling.
  6. I had no idea Cedar Fair attempted to buy Kings Island at an earlier date.... Did Paramount actually put it up for sale in 2000? I'm confused...
  7. It was mentioned again tonight!
  8. Maybe Kinzel and his cronies will take over once they are kicked out of Cedar Fair?
  9. I think they are wasting their money converting the area over to a Snoopy-themed world. Most kids I know these days don't even know who Charlie Brown is. This is very disappointing...
  10. Sorry, but the park is making a HUGE PR mistake by keeping all the details hush hush. Anyone with any experience in PR knows that the best policy a company can take in times like these is to be completely open and upfront with the public. Otherwise, as we have seen and heard here... and at the park, people start to speculate on what happened and begin making their own ridiculous assumptions, start spreading rumors, and the park just looks like it's trying to cover something up. HUGE mistake, in my opinion.
  11. So what happens if the stock goes down to $0? Is this possible?
  12. Looks like it's going to be one wild ride!
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