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  1. Thanks, I am hoping for short lines since this will be my first visit this year.
  2. I have a question, so far everyone has said there have really not been any long lines. Why is it there have not been lines, everytime I have went it has been lines everywhere. We are heading up there this upcoming Tuesday. Should I expect no lines that day.
  3. I would try to keep it as NU. Nickelodeon is not going anywhere and it seems to be a great place for kids. Money making, it is a great idea b/c it brings the family here. It is great because if Nick wants to introduce any new toons or shows, they could have a big promotion at the park. Snoopy is not the big draw for CP, the coasters are the big draw. NU is going to be the big pitch for KI for years to come as a family place. Kids have this great place in the park and the park makes it for the rest of the family.
  4. That is cool Long live the Smurf Ride!!!! Amazing shots.
  5. Chef has a great point. I also prefer Coke to Pepsi, but Pepsi makes Dr. Pepper.
  6. Very nice photoshop. I almost believed it as well. I like the TR:TR for sale, funny
  7. I would also have to disagree. My cousin loved Runaway Reptar, he was about 8 or 9 the first time he rode that, and now he has moved up and loves all the coasters there, especially Vortex. He gradually moved up b/c of the different types that PKI has. There are several kid "friendly" coasters here.
  8. HB land was nice. Yeah Smurf Ride, I was so disheartened when they took that out I think they have done a terrific job with the NU. Just about all of the Nick stuff is flying off the shelves these days. Unless something major happens at Nick, CF would be making a bad decision not to renew. Nick knows when to come out with something new to appeal to kids. Look at Rugrats, when it popularity started to decline out came Spongebob. When he starts to come down, they will throw out something new to appeal to kids
  9. thatoneguy


    Being a smoker it is a little tideous, having to get to the designated area. The only other time I encounter this was at Universal in Florida. I was just waiting for friends when I decided to light up. The worker who told me about was very rude about it. I told him I didn't know and he just went off on me. I really don't have a problem with it as long as we know about it. Maybe when you pay for your parking and you receive your map, a handout that gives out info
  10. Is there somewhere in the park where you can buy some of the music, like a soundtrck for the park. Maybe the different areas of the park
  11. thatoneguy

    Metal Detectors

    Man you have a very interesting taste in music, Huey Lewis Moody Blues, Amy Grant. I will also agree that I am not a fan of Rap
  12. Thanks. I was unable to go last year b/c of expecting baby. This year I am very excited about going b/c we missed out last year
  13. Hello everyone. I am new here, I just found this website. I have not ridden SOB for a couple of years now. The last time I rode it, it was probably one of the worst coasters I have been on. But from what everyone says it is alot better now. Guess I will have to try it again this year
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