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  1. The shuffling of the trains from side to side was far worse with the old trains than the new. The only real possibility to make it more rideable would be to take out the Rose Bowl and add some airtime hills. That's the worst part of the ride. IMO, The Rosebowl is the only intolerable part of the ride. The jackhammering is just too much. I think that if airtime hills replaced the rosebowl, It would be a GREAT ride. But I don't see that happening because they didn't even make the effort to turn the loop area into an airtime hill.
  2. This was a tough decision but I would have to say Diamondback, then Millennium Force, easily my favorite two steel coasters, and Magnum 3rd. In my opinion, the only thing that Diamondback is lacking is true ejector hills, like the last couple on Magnum. If the last two hills prior to the final helix were more forcefully 'negative', the ride would be perfect. The tie breaker for Diamondback over Millennium Force is that Dback is something I could ride all day because it's so smooth; MF doesn't gluide over the track quite like Dback.
  3. I've been in the very front two rows, the middle, and the back row, and here's my analysis: I have to agree with what has been said before. The back seat gives you a true appreciation for the speed of the ride. You're yanked down every hill, and the first hill in the back seat is possibly one of the best experiences in the park. That being said, the back is (comparatively speaking) more 'rough' compared to the front. It's just more forceful. But I like how you get misted nicely at the end, which is refreshing, not annoyingly wet. The second best seats are the front 4. They're really isn't
  4. Thanks for the help. And I don't think it's going to rain much if at all, more than one forecast is calling for isolated showers in the evening, about 30% chance, as said before.
  5. I was planning on heading to the park for a couple hours after school tomorrow, and found out that it was a 'Math & Science Day' tomorrow. Does anyone know if that effects the crowd? I was hopping to get a lot of reps on DBack tomorrow. Are they there only during the day or is it all night? Thanks in advance for the help. PS sorry if this was addressed. I couldn't find any info when I searched the forums.
  6. On opening day I asked for an outside row and they gave it to me, no questions asked. I guess it just depends.
  7. Does anyone think that they will close the que line hours before the park closes so that people aren't riding really late Saturday night? Because I wont be able to make it up to the park until around 6 or 7, and I don't want to be locked out of the line.
  8. Millenium Force is my favorite steel coaster by far. I've always wondered why, considering how popular the ride is, another 'Giga' Coaster has never been built. I'm sure they're not cheap but something has to be said for it's persistent popularity through almost a decade now.
  9. I believe the top three night rides are: 1) Beast 2) Son of Beast (a very close second-- as said before the rose bowl at night is unreal-- possibly the best element in the park) 3) Firehawk During 'Haunt, Drop Zone is also a must because you get an extended view of all the fog. It's awesome. **List subject to change after April 18, 2009**
  10. Good grief, I hope so. I got very accustomed to buying one very quickly when after the park. It was usually after my morning ritual of marathoning on The Beast. I hope so too! I used to just get courtesy cups of water all the time until they came out with the wristband deal. I used the heck out of those things. Also, I'd love to know the specifics on the pizza meal deal this year. Hopefully its more practical than their traditional deals that included 4 salads and drinks for like 30 bucks. I'd like to see a slice of pizza, one side, and a Coke for less than ten bucks.
  11. What I like about that video is the way it put the second drop into perspective. It definitely falls a good 20 feet into the ravine, which is where the top speed is reached, I think. That drop may be pleasantly surprising.
  12. For those of you who witnessed it: could you hear the chain from the parking lot like you can with Son of Beast?? (I'm hoping you can't.)
  13. As long as the Early access is 1 hour early as opposed to a half hour like last year, I'm really excited. That would be a huge benefit. You could possibly get 2 or 3 rides in before the park opens, depending on the day. About opening day: is there a place nearby the park where you could camp out the night before? Or is a hotel your only option?
  14. I have a question: Because the splashdown doubles as a break run, how can they legitimently test the ride while it's bellow freezing outside? I'm sure the normal breaks can stop the train, but still..
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