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  1. How has someone not begun a "Bring back the Eagles" campaign? It is completely ridiculous that Paramount moved a beloved AND historically meaningful ride to another park (and clientele) that has no clue of its history. And, as an added kick in the pants, they placed in in Kiddie Land. Bring back the Eagles.
  2. Screechin' Eagle. I've never laughed so hard on any ride, ever. Pure fun.
  3. Not everyone needs a 300 ft tall swing ride. Some people enjoy rides like Zephyr and the Eagles just as much (if not more) than WindSeeker. Just because you prefer one over the other, and the other happens to be older/smaller, doesn't make it less desirable, especially to casual KI visitors. You're combining two thoughts that were only loosely tied together. Small flats serve their purpose, which is to cut down on the lines of the bigger rides, and to give families something to ride as a group. I never suggested they could take the place of larger rides. I simply floated the idea that they make dead parts of the park seem less dead, and could absorb some of the blow should one or two (or three or four) larger rides go down. I don't believe KI has enough flat rides.
  4. I agree completely. As has been stated in this thread, a VERY small percentage of the folks that go to Kings Island are members of this forum, or follow amusement parks in general. Therefore, when they walk through the front gate and see Diamondback closed, as well as some combination of Delirium/Drop Zone/Face Off/WindSeeker closed, ON TOP of two rides being clearly visible but SBNO (SOB and Crypt), I can completely understand why they'd be irritated. They don't visit this site, and thus don't know the back story of what is going on with these two. All they know is, they see several of the largest rides in the park that they paid quite a bit to enter, not running. If I were visiting from out of town, I'd be honked enough to talk to GR about some kind of refund. As it is, there are large pockets in the park where there is VERY little to do other than spend money on games/merch/food. It's been my theory for a long time that they need to add three of four small flat rides throughout the park to fill in the gaps. I thought it would have been a good idea for the 40th anniversary to bring back a flat from each of the park's first four decades. Something like the shoes, the barrels, skylab, wheel of fortune, eagles, etc. These wouldn't cost much, but could be marketed very easily as a return to the rides you grew up on. Anyway, long story short, without three or four major rides running, there isn't much in the park to hold my interest anymore.
  5. That looks about right. It was a bit of culture shock at FF, as I had a KI pass most of my childhood. The ride ops weren't the friendliest, and the rides themselves weren't of the same quality as KI. It's interesting to me that none of the Fantasy Farm memorial pages have any pictures. Thanks.
  6. Is anyone able to shed any light, or share any information on the wild mouse-type roller coaster at Fantasy Farm. I remember riding this coaster on a school field trip (probably around eight or nine years old, mid 80's). I've searched the Fantasy Farm website, as well as the rest of the internet, with no luck. I'm starting to believe that maybe this is a creation of my mind, and was never a real ride. Anyway, my memory recalls a VERY rickety looking ride, with individual cars. You seemingly sat down on the floor of the cars, with maybe a seat belt to hold you in. The turns were very sharp, and the nose of the ride vehicles stuck out so far that it seemed as if the car was going off the tracks. Am I crazy? Did this exist?
  7. Where was the fourth queue? I can't picture it in my mind.
  8. Can anyone shed some light on the nature trails that (I believe) used to exist in the back corner of Rivertown, next to the Crypt and The Beast lift hill? When I worked at the park, we used to wander back there, and there are still remnants of the paths (guard rails, a bridge over a ravine, etc). However, I've never heard anyone talk about the trails, and can't find any proof that they existed on old park maps. Anyone?
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