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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Don't miss rides: Vortex, Beast, Son of Beast (if its open by then), Racer or recaR, Face/Off, Delirium, Flight of Fear, Top Gun. Vortex: back seat for lots of airtime on first hill. plus, its smooth in the back seat. Beast: In the middle of whatever car = smoothest ride. (pretty much applies for any woodie) Racer: I prefer back seat (not for smoothness but the first hill is more fun, in my opinion) < same goes for Son of Beast. Face/Off: I prefer a front seat ride, nothing in front of you when you go down the first hill and into the cobra roll. Flight of Fear: worth the wait. he
  2. You have one more ride to ride at Kings Island. Ever. What would it be? Why? -It must be at KI right now, and working. so, that excludes Firehawk and Son of Beast. I'd have to say Vortex. The first drop (in the back seat for lots of airtime)..then the loops. Pretty much falling out of my seat in the corkscrews and the boomerang (or batwing, whatever its called). Man that would be a great last ride...at least i think so - what would your last ride be?
  3. haha..wow. all you guys are crazy. I've never waited that long for a ride in my life. Maybe 2 hours for FoF a few years ago. I guess it's because I'm young and I was never tall enough to ride major KI rides the day/year they opened. I'll wait as long as it takes for Firehawk, though.
  4. Happy birthday my favorite amusement park!
  5. For beast, just sit in the middle row of pretty much any car, just like everyone else has said. sitting on the wheel seats will give you the jerkier ride. Adventure Express is pretty smooth in the front seat. Racer, I'm not sure...(but im guessing the same goes for The Racer as it does for The Beast) in my opinion, backwards is smoother than forwards. On Vortex, I've had the smoothest ride in the back seat of the last car. Flight of Fear, I really dont know. Seems like a smooth ride anywhere you sit. Same goes for top gun. However, the ride is 10 times better in the front seat.
  6. My first few times were in 95, when I was 2 or 3. Last summer, I wanted to find out a bunch of info about Kings Island, so i typed in "Kings Island" on google, and found it.
  7. Ok, I can understand most of the ratings, but as for AE and Avatar...what the heck?!?!? I guess it really depends on what CF bases their ratings on. not what we are used to from Paramount's Kings Island. It seems like CF bases their ratings on sudden changes in speed, direction, or height. Not height of the ride or overall speed. I can see why Vortex got a higher rating than Drop Zone, but AE shouldn't be up there. 5 Vortex Delirium Flight of Fear Son of Beast Beast Face/Off Tomb Raider 4.5 4 Racer Drop Zone Top Gun Italian Job 3 Adventure Express Ava
  8. JxAx

    Top Gun

    I love top gun, except for its length. WAY too short. However, lots of times the line is also short, so you can ride it two times in a row without waiting. I would like to see it stay, it's such a great ride. If it does go, i want a better coaster in its place.
  9. I've noticed quite a bit of wear on the ride. A new paint job would be good.
  10. aside from the Action Zone bathroom, the park seems pretty clean! I'm really looking forward to going, but i don't think it's gonna be for a while....
  11. ahh man...seatbelts? darn...
  12. mmm...chinese food. lots of good food coming...one more reason to look forward to going to Kings Island!
  13. ohh, good idea! and when you guys get the Eiffel Tower down, i have a friend who makes art out of scrap metal, he'll be happy to have some extra. when you guys get started, email me at sarcasticKIfan@yahoo.com
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