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  1. Hah more like young riders and people who normally dont ride coasters...
  2. Well when i spit i usually do it in the grass or something that soaks... and gum.. its good to chew but i usually dont bring any to amusment parks.
  3. Well at six flags kentucky kingdom on the ride T2, on the stairs leading to the loading dock theres this cement wall that has gum all over it with money stuck against the gum.... Kinda nasty.
  4. gum is usually teenagers (yeh like me) and spit is usually immature kids? You dont see many teenagers spitting a whole bunch on purpose unless they have a bad taste in their mouth... ehhh at least for the most part
  5. Well i think the barrels should be a bigger priority... Either have like flamible barrels and fire or water barrels and sprinkles... both is just too much effect for one part.
  6. I can tell you that it 80% of the crew last night stayed to clean gum off of the hangar floor all the way into the saucer. We've been doing some extensive cleaning in the past few days and have now developed a cleaning schedule, i doubt You will see us going anywhere, anytime soon. On the otherhand.... i work at Kings Island and ive just gotten word from myself that CF is closing the park for a Super-Walmart in several years time (THIS SUCKS!!! ). This is very reliable considering i had no idea what Kings Island was last year at this time (please note ^^ this is not true, i was making fun of coasterking) haha yeh they should ban anyone on that ride under 10 yrs of age.... i saw these young kids spitting all over the saucer on FoF... then you all have to clean it... sucks i guess but at least you get paid?
  7. Dont really understand what your trying to say but ok... Yeh i rode it 10 times im not lieing... how are they factors? i can see weight and height(height somewhat if your over 6'2"?). Seating is more of a factor than how many times you ride it?
  8. You think? It beats alittle but not as much as people were saying to me?
  9. Ahh just seeing peoples opinions on diff rides... or hoping to.
  10. Give the ride you think is the worst at pki and at least 3-5 reasons why... I think the italian job stunt track #1. Lines too long(maybe cars with more seats, bigger trains, or more trains would help this) #2. Speed? ( i think they shouldve made the cars go alittle faster, quicker acceration to make it more relistic to the movie) #3. Did i miss something or does fire come out near water barrel? Odd... #4. Ride should be longer. (Too short of a ride for the wait)
  11. in the morning it was like that but as the day progressed it got worse and worse.. I rode Face/Off in the evening probably between 6 and 7. yeh closer to morning and night are the shortest waits
  12. I'm 6'1" and i didnt have a problem with that? I guess its where you sit...
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