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  1. I have been there before! I have only been there once, but I thought it was a GREAT little park. In my opinion, Cornball Express was a better ride than Hoosier Hurricane, even though that is the coaster the park is kind of known for.
  2. Congratulations Maureen!! I am so happy for you!! You look beautiful!!
  3. I really have enjoyed being at the park under Cedar Fair's operation! The park looks great and I think the overall atmosphere is a lot more pleasant!
  4. Splashin' Safari is by far the best! It should be on the poll!
  5. I went to Cedar Point in May last year and was able to get on Top Thrill Dragster twice in under 15 minutes! The longest I have ever waited in a queue line was also for Top Thrill Dragster, 3 1/2 hours in 2004 (it was a very busy day)!
  6. Hellllllooooooooo ....Kiiiiirrrrk!!

  7. I first started going to Kings Island around the age of 7 back in 1995! I don't remember much about the park then, but I really got into going several times a year around 4-5 years ago. I first heard about KIC from my friend Kirk (reclaimer) about a years ago. All he said was "Hey, look at this site it is pretty cool...you should join it." I did.
  8. They always had a ton of harnesses down at the end of the seating area
  9. It wasn't just you. That was a VERY intense launch on Flight of Fear. In fact, I'd say ALL the coasters that were running were much better than they had been in many a year. Especially Beast. I knew something had to be different! I have never, ever felt a launch that intense from FoF! FoF is usually not on my high priority list mostly b/c of the line most of the time, but after experiencing that launch it moved up on the list!
  10. Just to let everyone know this is Kristy, and the duck moved its head in mid sentence, haha. Also, I had a full throttle before entering the car for the trip, hence the entertainment! I will agree with Reclaimer that the day was amazing and I had a great first day back at the park! I also would love to know if anyone else noticed the launch on FoF or if it was just us.
  11. As much as I don't like stand (or sit) around when there are shows going on b/c there are too many rides to ride, I think I might have to watch some of the Hot Island Rhythms show!
  12. Sunday can't come quick enough for me!! I can't wait to be in the park!! Thanks for posting that pic!!
  13. What are you zomging? haha

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