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  1. If you have a little more time and you are the more outdoors type of person. Lake erie offers some fantastic fishing.
  2. Hello Bill, (its Ronny's friend)

  3. I rode X-flight back in 02 while it was still under six flags. The ride itself was fantastic, the wait was not. The capacity for this ride is not very good. I waited 45 min for a ride that under normal ride wait time would be around 15. Knowing how smart people are from southern Ohio, I don't think that the loading time will change.
  4. Ok, so in that recent Cincinnati Enquirer article Kings Island claim to have removed the loop from the Son of Beast rollerocaster and shipped it off to a steel recycling center. Well a buddy of mine who works up at the park in HR sent me some pictures of the loop sitting in the parking lot in pieces. These were taken by him in within the last two weeks at some time. He said theres no X Flight track in the parking lot yet but that the SOB loop is lying in pieces. Do you think they might auction some of it off? I'd like to buy a piece! Here are the pictures: I'm thinking about calling the park tommorow and seeing if any of these pieces are for sale or do you think maybe they're holding them for the ACE museum. My friend said the whole structure isnt there, just parts of it laying around along with some big wooden crates that he claims are full of old lap bars, but he didnt have any pictures. Happy Monday! -Jeffery
  5. ? Even if you dont agree with president bush, how could you not agree on what he said about the tragic events of september 11th?
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