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  1. Does anyone know the songs that are played during the ncp?? I was wondering what songs they played and who theyre by. Thanks!!
  2. Yeh-pki pretty much has the wordt ride ops. At Cedar Point (especially raptor) you could be safely out of the station in 20 seconds. At pki they are lazy and they fool around too much(ex-i was at Delirium and the q was full. The ride was stopped and the ride ops were talking to each other playfully over the entire ride intercom when they could have been checking restraints-i was NOT HAPPY)
  3. I dont think it will open soon at all with this media coverage. They have to make sure its smooth sailing before they open it again.
  4. Whew-was yesterday ever busy!! Luckily I got on ijst early!!!!
  5. Hi all! I am going to pki tomorrow, and I was wondering if pki serves free cups of ice water at concession stands. I know Cedar Point does it and it is very convienient to stop by a stand between rides, and you dont have to hassle with bottled water. Thanks-see ya at PKI
  6. no-ive been there once every year-last year twice
  7. Hi all-this is my first post. I am going to pki on thursday, July 6th. Will anyone be there? Will the crowds be large? Are any rides broken down? I am wondering which ride I should ride first. I am open to any rides now since i recently conquered top thrill dragster at Cedar Point. Thanks for your input!!!!
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