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  1. Ask and you shall receive. https://www.kingsdominion.com/events/things-to-do/special-events/Coaster-Campout-7-28-15-24 Camping at KD? Sounds better than adjacent lodging.
  2. ^In the 1960's the Cad cars were very popular, so they built the Tiques to shorten the line.
  3. http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/easton/index.ssf/2015/07/putting_bushkill_parks_past_to.html It wouldn't be much, but it's better than nothing. Just a restoration of that fun house would be happiness.
  4. Which is west, not north. Therefore the Tower section.
  5. The Three sections of Breakers are tower, original (lobby rotunda area) and east (around the outdoor pool and lakeside pavilion). Thus I'm really confused by northern section. That is Frontier Trail with the banjo music. After the bridge by SRF one enters FrontierTown and the music changes to country. Thunder Canyon Through midway access is maintained throughout the show. "Traffic Directors" make sure the pathway keeps moving.
  6. Pipe scream is powered throughout the ride, therefore it should be a flat ride. I would consider Demon Drop more of a coaster than Pipe Scream.
  7. Blue Streak, Magnum, Gemini, Mean Streak, Mine Ride and Millie are my night rides of choice.
  8. Often overlooked, Cadillac and Antique cars do have some nice thematic elements. Too bad you dint get to CP sooner, Turnpike cars had the best layout and landscaping of all the car rides. As someone who has waited most of the queues at CP, indeed some can last hours, some up to 3. Millie and Magnum has had their overflow queues removed as Mean Streak lost most of it's queue for the haunted house. You should have ridden red or blue again, but in a row 1 or 2 of car, much smoother. The raised section of floor is the wheel, thus a much bumpier ride in a row 3. Also if you thought that line was fast, you should have seen it in 6 train operation! Skyride has 38 buckets, and when it runs all 38 it dispatches every 9.5 seconds. The reason it isn't very long is because when the ride was built the park ended just after the second station. Good to see a first timer enjoy themselves at the Point, hopefully you can go back sometime and ride things you missed, like Twister, Skyhawk, and Cedar Downs.
  9. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/the-daily-disney/os-disneyquest-closing-20150630-story.html DisneyQuest to close, to be replaced by NBA experience.
  10. http://fox8.com/2015/06/27/73-year-old-man-rides-ohio-roller-coaster-for-12000th-time/ For some reason, a stock photo of a non related coaster.
  11. One who wants a jacket after the temperature dropped 20 degrees? Or rain gear if a shower pops up? Get medication from the car? Put souvenirs/ on-ride photos in car? Check Phone? Get or put away camera? I think that answers your question unstop.
  12. Nope! Banshee is a B&M Invert while Invertigo is a Vekoma Inverted Boomerang. The later is closer to an SLC (same manufacture) than the former.
  13. ^If Soak City lot is your destination, try to use the furthest left toll booth. It is the main booth and quite large so its easy to spot. This lane leads directly to perimeter road.
  14. Cedar Point's was operating today (6/11).
  15. Today as part of this Weekends DAFE event I went to CLP in Conneaut Lake, PA. The weather was the main story of the day as it caused the park not to open publicly today, however management was nice enough to open up the covered rides in the center of the park for 1 1/2 ERT session. The rides were Devil's Den, Dodgem and Carousel. Devils Den - A Traditional gravity powered dark ride that does not disappoint, it is kept up with most effect working and themeing present. Dodgems - Good news it was a nice long cycle, bad news was only five cars were operational. Carousel - A menagerie carousel with a working band organ. It has it's origins from 1905 but many of the figurines have been replaced through out the years. Other rides present but not operating due to weather, Trabant, Witches Stew, Tumble Bug, all of Kiddie Land and of course the Blue Streak (which was testing). I did not go to the front of the park so I cant tell you what rides were in that area. There is also a little gift shop selling CLP souvenirs. No more ride tickets, a wristband for $10 is your only option. Feel Free to ask questions.
  16. How much fun is the Delirium? Depends on what you enjoy. How comfortable and tight are the restraints? The restraints can be a little heavy sometimes, putting pressure on the abdomen and may discomfort a male's reproductive parts How much will my body move in the restraints while the ride is in motion? Not much in my experience Do all the seats give the same ride experience? Yes Would you want to ride this ride again and again? Me personally no, but I know people who do. How long are the lines for this ride? How long is any line at any moment? No one knows what it will be like at the time of your visit.
  17. At Geauga Lake, X-Flight utilized on board motors to raise and lower the seats. They were much smoother than the system at KI, however the KI system is more reliable.
  18. Indeed it was at the end of the launch. Photo from KICentral.com
  19. I was thinking on the subject and realized that this is not a wholly new phenomenon. Kennywood was doing this long before, and the results in both cases have been well recieved. How ever I do not agree with making wooden coaster steel, that is too much change.
  20. More surprisingly is that CP never tried to claim Gemini as two. When a park vies for the most you think they would try anything for additional credits. Then there is Kennywood's Racer, is that one or two? Does one only get half a ride?
  21. ^The Camden Haunted House should also be considered a coaster, that thing is exciting.
  22. ^ It is popular opinion, including this poster's that Thunderhawk was the smoothest SLC around.
  23. Cedar Creek Mine Ride, I try to ride it multiple times each day I am at the Point.
  24. With a little help from Cedar Fair. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/news/business/8150196
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