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  1. Not to jinx it, and people's MMV, but KI's Invertigo has been fantastic overall in terms of reliability!
  2. Or you have a "celebrity" girlfriend who refuses to wait in a line. (not that I do) I did the VIP in 07 and again this year and was really disappointed!! KI's VIP was fabulous, but at CP I didn't get my way like I did in 07...and still no executive bathrooms either!! Haha! That's option A.! Option B. is keep both the lap bar and seat belt loose and hold the lap bar palms up to use the back of your hands as shock absorbers. To this day I've never had any leg bruising or pain, and I virtually fly out of the train on the bunny hills! Of course, Magnum opened when I was 7 years old, so who
  3. ^Yes...an hour of no seat-assigning or getting to ride in the rain....again, how fortunate I must feel!!
  4. ^For someone with your track record and coaster expertise (i.e. unlike unknowing GP'ers, you know where the best seats are), I'm a little surprised the seat assigning on Diamondback hasn't soured your opinion of the ride. You must be a very happy-go-lucky person!!
  5. ^I thought the prices at the Pizza Pizza restaurant in the strip mall on Major Mac were the same as in the States...as was the McDonald's as well, but I did hear that "tablecloth" places were a bit more pricey there than say your Montgomery Inn or Mitchell's in Cinci. You should!! Although I love Diamondback! Behemoth is more thrilling, plus no seat assigning!! (at least when I was there).
  6. How generous...oh what do I owe such luxury?!
  7. It looks A LOT more thrilling watching it from the D- (sh*t...I almost typed Diamondback!) from the Behemoth queue than when riding it...very gentle and not very forceful. Btw, Dave, did you do their Mondial frisbee? Now THAT is a lot more forceful than either Delirium or maXair IMO...
  8. 3 trains generally, maybe 4-5 for back seat. It as great And yet, I'm sure they were still assigning seats...how not great
  9. ^Sunday's aren't terrible. 8/2 and 6/28 were both fantastic this season!
  10. ^I've heard the Behemoth Burger is a can't miss!! So were the alleged donuts I felt were meh. Btw, no report on Sledgehammer? Also, my Platinum Pass never worked for parking last year at CW.
  11. Exactly!! Quick Mason-Montgomery Gold Star meal, followed by a power nap on a Lifetime Fitness leather couch...all without losing ride/Haunt time?! Yes!!
  12. As someone whose friend competed on that TV show The Amazing Race (not a Linz person, btw) I hear the 'amazing' crap enough as it is and this TR is taking things to a whole other level now!
  13. ^Hey! Diamondback's queue on the webcam at 7:30 pm Friday was only a 25 minute-ish wait (last 3 rails in the main queue)...that's pretty good to me! Needless to say yesterday (Sunday) was glorious all things considered. DB rarely cracked 30 mins post-ROTB and lines for everything else was pretty reasonable. Gold lot never even got completely full. Plus, I got what I wanted in terms of DB seating...can't go wrong with that! Edit to add: nice PTR pics!
  14. I'm definitely glad Jaime and I avoided Saturday!
  15. ^Funny, how she's my favorite and always grants my requests!
  16. ^Here's the thing...and no offense to the D-back crew...B&M hypers are designed to operate in such a way where the queue should never really stop regardless of the crew!! Many are enthusiastic and deal with more guests than most other rides, so (most) of them are outstanding in that way.
  17. Gad, point taken! Although, since I haven't ridden much else than Diamondback this year I can't really attest to other crews, but I will say both the Invertigo and Delirium crews have seemed better this season compared to past one's...despite many of the same people still working them!
  18. I still don't understand what anything you mentioned would qualify as a "special note" for DB??
  19. Diamondback is the only B&M hyper that assigns seats...and usually its capacity gets killed by Behemoth and Nitro. In addition, I commonly see empty seats when seats are assigned. IMO...B&M hypers do not need seat assigning.
  20. And this was done by assigning seats?? That's shocking...
  21. Tempting...but I'll stick with the Mason-Montgomery Gold Star.
  22. Sat, April 24th had 30-40 mph wind gusts and D-back still ran!!
  23. Another post to make the print-out look better.
  24. Post for Ride Warriors Weekend Registration Confirmation
  25. Yeah, I agree, the weather these past three Friday's as been sort of meh, but the D-back waits have been really short!! In hindsight, I almost wish I would've tried to go with my parents one of these days!! (who don't want to wait in any real lines)
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