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  1. ^^Now Giga, with that camera you have, I know you said the outside shots with it are awesome! BUT isn't it also true that for inside the quality is just average? OR were your settings not the best previously for your inside shots, and adjusting those would make them better?!
  2. Ahhh...but maybe not so much with CP's shortened May calendar and Memorial Day weekend's early date!!
  3. The games has definitely seemed soft to me, but that's just anecdotal. Food has seemed similar to past seasons, however. I'm a little surprised to hear about season pass sales (not so much about group), but I'm guessing while passes at KI are up, everywhere else is really down!
  4. ^^Hey, I'm actually thinking about trying to hire Jackson to document an upcoming KI trip of mine. I'm planning a trip with a friend from out of town, and I somewhat hate photography and the kid does good work!! For me, I think he really "captures" KI in a really great "theme park way" that I dig! He has an eye for it!! Plus, in addition to paying him, I also might have to give him a VIP pass since our time at KI will be short and I won't want to wait in any lines. Hopefully I can make this trip happen! But yeah, jackson should kick butt with this contest!
  5. Alright, Terpy...crack your knuckles, sit back, and read between the lines for us!!
  6. I'm sure Giga will say Magnum! Edit: Oh, she beat me to it!!
  7. ^^Ask yourself this important first question...do you know the secret handshake?? If you don't...good luck meeting any of us!!
  8. This...I'm confused on?? But for me, the D-back option would be just because sleep was better than RWW ERT, and the D-back ERT is better than nothing, you know??
  9. I'm sure it's just easier for KI that way, so I don't fault them (despite what I may want). If anything, the ERT on Sunday morning (and even Saturday for that matter) could be really sweet with the restrictions. But as of now, I have no idea which one I'll be picking.
  10. ^^I'd still rather wait 45 mins in the main queue for a ride in either car 1 or 8 then 10 mins in the SRL for a ride in car 4...but that's just me. I think the way they have the SRL now is about as good as it could be. Yeah, having the line separate from the main queue would be good to avoid people in the main queue jealously looking at someone flying past them (not that their wait will be long anyway!), but IMO, if the SRL reaches past the corner then it's too long anyway I think. The only issue I see is expediency in returning SRL cards to the entrance greeter, but my last day at KI (4/2
  11. ^^Maybe...but having to be at KI at 7:50 am for the RWW ERT on Sunday, following D-back ERT from the "night" before extending past 1:00 am will be no easy pill to swallow...as tempting as the Firehawk ERT is (and it looks VERY tempting), there's still a really good chance that I'll be at D-back ERT Sunday morning anyway.
  12. I would just play it safe and stay home!
  13. Saturday, April 25th I got 19...and that was with only 4 SRL rides and riding 4 other things too. I could see near 40 D-back rides in one day being possible even if KI wasn't dead if you power rode by SRL and the SRL wasn't too long each time.
  14. ^^I think he means the latter...when Maverick was announced and being built it admittedly didn't look very intimating or thrilling to many, including me. I mean, a first drop <100'?!? However, it surprised me and others as well and is actually a ferocious monster that packs a mean punch! It's my 3rd favorite steel coaster, and I've been on many!! Plus, unlike for others...I ride Maverick in a unique way, which frees me from any arm/shoulder bruising.
  15. Due to being idle from KI this whole weekend my ride count remains at 32. However, obviously next weekend should get that total above 50!
  16. ^^Ohhhhh....I think I know who you are now, Indyguy, do you ever wear eyeglasses??
  17. Heck, everyone at Kings Island has a Master's, right Terpy!?
  18. Ok, Corey, so you see that 265? Take that west/south and you'll avoid all of the Louisville traffic!
  19. ^^Hey Corey, if you're coming from Columbus, there's the whole new bypass from 65 South to 64 West that you'll be taking that'll skip most of the L'ville traffic anyway, so you should be fine! The people already on 64 West (coming from Cincy) is another thing.
  20. ^^If it's any consolation, after two weekends of riding Diamondback dozens of times, I already feel kind of burned out myself! I guess the old adage of even guys with hot girlfriends can get bored is true!! So does this mean the trim was either off or barely grabbing? Also, I wonder if they're still assigning seats with this amount of dead-ness?
  21. ^^So goofy, would you be permitted, if I asked, to tell me about your D-back rides pre-KI's open? I mean, there's nothing special about riding Diamondback anymore, ya know?!
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