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  1. Diamondback is a near walk-on!! Definitely pretty jealous, but I also think if I was there, the ride op's would be thinking, "Seriously, dude, are there not other rides here?! Is there not another world out there besides the Diamondback queue and station!?" So it's probably for the better I'm not there, attempting like 40 D-back rides today!
  2. ^^Hey Dvo, did you see my question?
  3. ^^I'd take a Gold Star in Indy ANY day over a Hardee's!!
  4. So if you're around and see this, did you end up having to pay for all 3 seats you "successfully" bid on? Just curious...thanks man!
  5. The ironic thing is, the Sky Rides and ferris wheels have the least amount of restraint, yet similar perils...I mean, the Indiana Beach one is still a little crazy if you ask me (although equally the most awesome!). Does Superdooper Looper have seat belts at Hershey? I don't remember any, but unfortunately my ride count on that was unwantedly low since my girlfriend thought it was boring.
  6. ^^Actually, Ryan did say in the KIC News thread that the park is working to send out e-mail confirmations starting sometime this week...although, it is Thursday now and no e-mail as of yet! While this event is no-doubt seeming chaotic, I do think in the end everything will work out, but potentially with the same (in)effectiveness as the First Ride Auction check-in
  7. ^^I've considered either a.) attempting to ride D-back with my neck craned the entire ride trying to look behind me, or b.) ride while holding up a big mirror to see behind me, but neither idea really seems that optimal unfortunately.
  8. ^^The odd thing is, Diamondback's line has the potential to be small in the morning if the park progressively get busier as the day goes on, but that said, lines for Firehawk, FoF, Delirium, SOB, Invertigo, and Drop Tower will be the shortest in the morning!! Last Saturday I hit up Firehawk, FoF, Delirium, SOB, and Invertigo all by 11:30 am, and while Diamondback's line also wasn't long then, the lines for the others did get a lot worse later while D-back still stayed managable for hours after that.
  9. After getting this close, but failing to get him on SOB (probably for the better, to be honest!) he's not leaving KI without riding Diamondback this time!!
  10. Now wait a tick, regarding the 7:15 leaving time, this is accounting for the time zone change, correct?? Also, HW isn't going to be nearly as busy enough to warrant getting there at rope drop...I'd be taking a more leisurely pace (only to preserve myself for the long-haul! )
  11. I haven't ridden FoF this year, but both SOB and Firehawk seem same as always.
  12. I think the bottom line on both fronts (CF and B&M) is the future is not necessarily as certain as in times past, and frankly, just staying the course is the best course for the immediate time. Not to say anything bad is going to happen, but big gambles and risks right now are heightened even so.
  13. ^^I think the 3rd hill provides some good air from the front as well. But overall, great summary!
  14. Personally (and I admit this WILL sound crazy), but I'd rather ride a whole plethora of other things instead of cars 2-7. However, 1 and 8 cannot be beat, and the first two rows have just as good of air as the last two, but in a different way!
  15. gad198: Ohhhhh....duly noted!! Btw, most of the past two years my Firehawk strategy has been 1st ride of the day (little waiting), and then evening (like 6:00 pm) following my hour-long dinner break at Gold Star. However, only with a 2 train operation! But the usual ~75-90+ mins wait did help with the digestion (not that I really needed it per se). The Firehawk throughput can be pretty good with two trains, efficient pulsing, and no mech. probs...I actually thought the Firehawk crews have been one of the best at KI the past 2 seasons, considering, and when they're firing on all cylinders!
  16. ^^Actually, I disagree...Diamondback on a busy day is one of KI's most manageable waits, IMO. (can't say the same thing for Firehawk, Invertigo, heck, even The Beast!!) I mean, I dig where you're coming from that D-back is always going to be crazy, but last Saturday at noon with beautiful weather and a semi-busy park D-back was only 20 minutes, yes, without SRL and with unassigned dispatched rows. It's no Maverick at CP (don't get me started on this ride...2 hour+ waits 2 years+ after opening!!), and it's no swine flu pandemic either!
  17. I should note, Saturday, May 24th, 2008 was a beautiful weather day, AND everything was walk-on or at worst station wait, AND it was HWN to boot!! All that said, it is true that HW can be a packed monster and I've been lucky, but weekdays are fairly safe...
  18. ^^Obviously depends on attendance...my guess (and keep in mind, 10:30 may not really be 10:30!) at the minimum 4-6 rides if you're picky on seat choice, and potentially 10+ if not...assuming you're a SR.
  19. ^^And I also thought layout considerations came into play, i.e. in order for the station and first drop to be where they are, that was a height that worked well within those limitations.
  20. ^^Add to these facts that as of yet, D-back is nowhere getting close to the capacity that you can expect on Nitro, Goliath, and Behemoth, and I'll also add that Behemoth does not have a formal SRL either.
  21. Btw, I felt bad for KI, almost every time I was in the DB Trading Post after a ride I saw an employee filing out the "Damaged Merchandise" log...the log was pretty full too, and when one employee came up to another to show a broken glass, the tone was like "Alright...let's fill out the sheet...again Lots of nickels being lost here!!
  22. ^^And that they turn around the sign at the D-back entrance that says SR's enter here.
  23. D*mn, Giga, 100 SPF!?!? I thought I was bad with the 50, but 100!? After using none on opening day (dumb idea), I used the 50 on Saturday and didn't get any major color. I bet with 100 you couldn't even tell you'd been in the sun.
  24. ^^Which, of course, that capacity gets canceled-out when unassigned empty rows get dispatched!! 16 rows is sort of a lot to assign, after all...
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