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  1. ^^Actually, my ride count this season is Firehawk-1, SOB-2, Delirium-2, Invertigo-2, VF-1, Vortex-1, Beast-1, and Diamondback-32 I think my biggest problem is not enough breaks (usually I take KI at a MUCH slower pace than this season!) I previously didn't consider D-back to be rough on my body, but maybe that assumption is wrong?!
  2. They have a lot of metal detectors, so I'd say getting in line at 8:30 should be more than fine.
  3. 5/9....sounds like the perfect next day to visit KI if you ask me!! Ok, I swear that's the last time I'll say anything about my self-imposed (if not body-imposed!) break this weekend.
  4. ^^I have to say, props to Robbie for pretty much summing up everything exactly!! The only thing I will add is that I heard on Saturday they opened the metal detectors a little bit earlier than 5 mins before the ERT at 9:00 am. Also, based on the ginormous amount of SRL cards they have now, I never saw a SR be denied one due to unavailability this past Saturday.
  5. I doubt I'll get it, but I think it doesn't look that bad...sort of has a Hard Rock Cafe feel (which is probably what they were going for, I'm guessing).
  6. Good TR!! Of course, I won't be able to see the pics until later, but two comments: 1st, you should've tried to get as much gas in Cincy as possible since the gas prices in Indy (usually always more expensive than OH due to sales tax) seemed A LOT more expensive this weekend!! I filled up in Ohio for $1.81 per gallon...$0.20 cheaper per gal than my local Shell! 2nd, I don't know how much I want to start openly advocating this, but the SRL is sort of useless IMO. Especially since the # of SRL cards has quadrupled. I mean, if you don't care where you sit and the main queue is completely full
  7. ^^Will you ride Knotts' Power Shot tower?? I'm thinking about trying Drop Zone again as well...stationary heights have always been my achilles' heel, but since so many rides nowadays simply don't scare or thrill me at all, DT could be worth a shot. Last year I took a big step feeling like I fully conquered ferris wheels (which used to terrify me), so I think I'm getting closer to Drop Tower. I need to try Holiday World's double-shot again and see what the fright/fun factor is to know where I for sure stand.
  8. ^^Generally, I have no use for the SRL anymore...they've quadrupled the amount of SRL cards (they've never been out if I wanted one), and the line for it now is a lot longer!! In addition, the SRL assigned seat can also be very lame or mediocre. But to your original question, from what I've read yesterday/Sunday played out a lot like opening day Saturday (line started big, progressively got smaller throughout the day, before upticking a bit in the evening). But this past Saturday the line started small in the morning and stayed small until about 4:00-5:00 pm when it got big and stayed big un
  9. ^^I actually know what color it is...but should I reveal such trade secrets??
  10. ^^Yikes!! Those are d*mn scary looking if you ask me!
  11. ^^From the sounds of those wait times it seems like KI was a lot less busy today than yesterday.
  12. My slight annoyance is when people call it D-Back, like K-Fed or J-Lo. Stop with the stupid celebrity abbreviations. It's a roller coaster. Yikes!! Well, for me it's just more of a time-saver on typing...I'd thought you'd hate an actual Diamondback ride op calling it 'the Diamondback' even more!?
  13. Wait a minute, rotag, are you the guy with the fangs?? If so, those aren't real, right?!
  14. I'll go ahead and chime in since I've been on both (65+ rides on Behemoth). This isn't easy to say since I'm a *major* KI fanboy!, but in my opinion and for me, I prefer Behemoth, and by a little bit of a margin. That said, I LOVE D-back, but with 30+ rides (in line now, actually), I think I have it figured out. Behemoth's layout (mostly straight) renders better continuity so both the speed and airtime have better consistency and momentum. It became obvious why Behemoth's hammerhead is so ridiculously good...it's the 3rd hill!! (one of D-back's best!) But since Behemoth isn't zooming aroun
  15. ^^Cool mini-TR! Thanks!! Yeah, needless to say if I was that guy, I wouldn't have waited for an answer before heading to row 16! If there's ever a few empty rows when a train is ready to load, the seat assignment becomes more of a suggestion at that point! Btw, did you see any other/fellow KIC'ers?
  16. ^^Yeah, and worse yet Zorba said they were still assigning seats on D-back anyway?!? I almost wonder if since they had extra bodies, it was more due to someone needing something to do?! Either way, I'm sure Gigacoaster and Viokat had a field day tonight with the D-back exclusivity!! Edit to add: Was the 5th hill trim grabbing bad tonight since it was warmer?
  17. ^^Still seat assigning!?!?!?! Looks like I'll be doing more queue jockeying tomorrow than Kent Desormeaux!!
  18. ^^I think the 'Oh really' was more directed at Kinzel Jr. and not the poss. KD coaster.
  19. ^^But next Friday starts the Math/Science Days, for what that's worth (granted many schools won't be there the whole day) No wasn't much of a line at all tonight, we rode in the fron once with a 5 minute wait and towards the back with a ~25 minute wait (about 15 minutes was during a "minor technical difficulty," the train got stuck half way up) So was there seat assigning or not? It sounds like you could pick your own seat tonight...just as nature intended!!
  20. ^^Just as suspected, tonight would've been golden for some D-back power riding!! I know last year at Canada's Wonderland the first few Friday's of the season were gems for Behemoth (even a walk-on a few times!?!), but like then, I'm sure these are brief rare times, indeed. Good thing even when busy Diamondback's wait still isn't that bad!!
  21. I love how this thread is titled, "Not allowed to ride D-back"...you're allowed, you just have to fit! Btw, Zorba, how were the D-back swells tonight at KI??
  22. ^^Btw, dude, if my wicked observation holds true, ummm...your volleyball team isn't very good, I'm sad to say!! Might removing the record from your sig perhaps be a good luck charm??
  23. How in the devil could you not fit in D-back last weekend?!?!? I mean, at the worst the long line moves blazing fast!!
  24. ^^Ya' know...that's so crazy, it might actually work!? Of course, I'd be waiting until it's one of those unbearable 99 degree days in late July, but I dig where you're going. Btw, pretty much....now!...people are riding Diamondback!! [insert crying emoticon]
  25. ^^D*mn...I can't believe in just a little over an hour people will actually be riding Diamondback while I'll still be stuck at an office doing work stuff!! I talked to a girl who's a 9-5'er at KI, but had to work part of last Saturday, and I still can't get over having a normal day job at an amusement park!? If anything I'd be too distracted by day-dreaming of being inside the park, and working at Cedar Point would even be worse.
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