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  1. The White River is a sewage stream!! But I disagree about Phoenix....in addition to the numerous large bodies of lakes (which aren't Geist reservoirs here!!), you're also forgetting about the Salt River and that little thing called the Colorado River!! So no...Indy is the more land-locked!!
  2. Also realize in 2002 Six Flags had no money!! Which is why Dan Synder took over the chain, and then promptly starting selling off parks.... Indy's biggest strength is also it's biggest weakness...being centrally located to the majority of the Midwest in a crowded marketplace makes the Indy market that much tougher to succeed against other competition...but I still think one day it will be a reality.
  3. I also live in Indy, and for the record, the city is *NOT* going down hill and in fact is growing in population, and Hamilton and Hendricks County are both in the top 25 fastest growing counties in the entire US!! (unlike Hamilton County, OHIO which is *decreasing* in population!...though Warren Co. is growing) And also to set the record straight, while I would not have closed Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, they're completely re-doing White Water Park Amphitheatre AND Lucas Oil Stadium is supposed to have state of the art acoustics for a stadium since speaker company Klipsch (which is based
  4. Nothing on the news I've seen so far!
  5. Well, if there is any of that, people need to be posting that asap!! Like literally from their Blackberrys while in the queue!
  6. I just think the thing with SoB is it's a.) another coaster to ride, and b.) it is the only coaster at KI that is even remotely close to having any real height!! Because let's face it, KI does not have any *modern* "signature" coaster with any real thrill or intensity behind it and that's a fact!! And I'm not hating on KI here either as it is my "home" park, and realize they're the gold standard as a family attraction, and the coasters they have are broad, historic, and fun!! But the fact that Delirium is one of the most popular rides at KI is a complete joke! MaXair at CP is a total after
  7. Well, I think the testing is for the Ohio licensing requirement....that pesky Dept. of Ag or something...
  8. But also keep in mind that when Maverick at Cedar Point closed to replace the track and had to undergo new testing, it only took them a couple days to re-test...in fact, I thought someone said on a CP fansite that someone at CP told them it was a 1,000 hours of testing or something which was *cumulative* for all the trains!? i.e. it wasn't a 1,000 "real time" hours, but 1,000 hours combined from all the trains being tested, so who knows?? But didn't Kinzel say at CoasterMania he thought SOB would be open by July 4th?? So let's keep our fingers crossed and see how the next weeks goes...
  9. Here's what I would say as someone who rode it by losing a bet the first time, AND as someone who hates Drop Zone/freefall rides and would NEVER dream of riding SkyCoaster....I actually liked it!! I thought it was similar to Delirium in a way...not a lot of negative-g's...I agree with keeping your head against the headrest, but the launch is *VERY* fast and breezy and you mostly see sky/a blur....now coming back down is a different story, but you're not coming down as fast like DZ, and the flips are an absolute blast!! I mean, it all goes pretty fast, and your point of view is constantly ch
  10. Now what about Delirium?? I'm 6'3" and it's so-so on that...I know a few years back Jermaine O'Neal of the Indiana Pacers tried to ride Delirium, but he was too tall...now I realize he's almost 7'!! But what's the height requirement? I also know if you're tall forget about fair rides (not that anybody should be riding them really!!), but I know most of their OTSR's are ratched as opposed to like hydraulic that most *real* ride OTSR's are...
  11. ...and the dance with Death continues...
  12. Don't you think at this point KI should close down and you shouldn't ride the Eiffel Tower, Slingshot, SkyCoaster, EuroBungee, Face/Off, Firehawk, Nick Universe, SOB (never re-open it), and heck, KI itself!! Just bulldoze it!! It's not safe and never will be!! Also, don't ever get into those death machines they call cars!! And wear a padded suit, hard hat, and googles every day because you never know what else isn't safe either!! OMG!! Food has parasites and water is contaminated!!! Call Dr. Kavorkian NOW!!! (he's out of jail you know!?)
  13. If any of you have ever been on Voyage at Holiday World in Indiana you'd know a modern woodie like that rivals any sort of steel coaster out there...
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