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  1. Hmm...according to WLHS (in West Chester), Paramount's Kings Island is now hiring for their 2006 season--and good news! It's still early, so plenty of positions are still available! I won't miss Pop Star if it doesn't find itself enjoying another year.
  2. Just wanted to mention that I dig the pinstripe background. Very classy
  3. While I'd hate to see the rustic theme of what little is left of Oktoberfest go the way of another, colder "Fest," and to make it sports-oriented, to boot, I think any attention would be good attention at this point.
  4. Hooray for Festhaus getting attention, but, well. Ugh.
  5. Haha, I have no idea. I Googled "supermarket," and that's actually from the Wikipedia entry for the term...so theoretically, it's every supermarket.
  6. Wait wait, I found them.
  7. The people watching thing reminds me...on one of my more memorable trips this season, I sat alone on a bench (really just one of those low walls facing the shops) on International Street and read. I didn't read all that much, though, because it was more fun to watch everyone walk by. Lots of families with young children stopped near me to take a load off, talking about whatever ride they just experienced and what they'd like to do next. It was fun. Also on this trip, I saw School of Rock three times, and had the good fortune of sitting with a friend who was in the show (of course, for that p
  8. All I needed this season was School of Rock. Anything else was merely a pleasant footnote. *sigh*
  9. I'm pretty sure they're made by Joel Veitch of RatherGood, or by some spot-on copycat. I've not checked, but you might be able to find them there. Otherwise, you'll find some other great stuff. And some not-so-great stuff too.
  10. I lost count a long time ago, but it's gotta be around twenty for me too. I could count my number of "major" rides (counting multiple times on the same ride, of course) on a single hand, with maybe just a few extra fingers. Despite this low number, I did gleefully experience Flight of Fear, Vortex, Face/Off, and Drop Zone, all for the first time this year. I almost always went with my two younger brothers, so Nick Universe was my most frequented area (no regrets), second only to the Paramount Theatre: I only missed School of Rock once--completely by accident, and it darn near killed me. I plan
  11. Peej

    PKI Video

    Well, then, they play both.
  12. Peej

    PKI Video

    Yes, and it plays on Coney Mall. Y'know, for clarity's sake, I'm pretty sure the song in Coney Mall that sounds like We Like to Party is actually "Bing Bang" from LazyTown, possibly without vocals (hear it here--what would we do without YTMND?). The songs are so similar, though, that it's hard not to imagine the LazyTown musical director listening to the original while writing his own.
  13. I read "midways" as "midwest." I'd be in favor of that
  14. I can't read Japanese, so I don't really know what's going on here, but it fits the topic and the pictures are stunning, so...this thing
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