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  1. missdi

    PKI-C Day #2

    My family and I were at PKI on Sunday, we tried to catch up with the first gathering at 10, with delays in traffic and parking, I missed the group on the first try but did manage to make a trip back to the tower at 12, that is when I approached Dane and introduced myself and was ... let's put this as nicely as can be...treated rather rudely, ignored and snubbed. :censored: My main objective was to have my book signed by Chef and sorry to say he wasn't even there when I was there. Sorry to have missed him.
  2. I am going on Sunday but not for sure if I will be able to meet up with the group. I would like to go on the tour but am meeting my daughter and son-in-law at the park and I haven't seen them in like a month so not for sure if they will be interested in the tour and the rest of the events planned. I am going to bring copies of some old pictures that I have from the '92 season, including Flight Commander, King Cobra and some taken from the Monorail, etc . If I'm able to catch up with the group I will be happy to give these copies to you for your collection. Hope to see you there.
  3. I know this sounds very far fetched and expensive, but with all the people going through the turnstiles it has to be hard to keep track of faces matching up to the passes (not to mention peoples looks sometimes change), it would be neat if they could use the "fingerprint" system along with the pass for identification. All you would have to do is scan the card and then apply your "print" to guarantee that you are the actual passholder. Just a crazy idea.
  4. A little while ago I heard a commercial on the radio and they still had the two last days listed as this Saturday and Sunday.
  5. I haven't heard the commercial or anything but I'm sure that the park is still open this Sunday, look at all the free tickets that they've given out to season pass holders to give to friends, etc. for this last couple of operating days. Also they have this listed as part of FearFest. I wouldn't worry over it. Probably just stated that this is the last day of operation.
  6. My favorite area hands down would have to be Rivertown, it's not as hectic as the other areas. I like to go and sit behind Wings and listen to the peacefulness and try to get away from all the hustle and bustle. I also like to stand on the bridge and watch the stream, it's always fun to watch the little chipmunks playing and scurrying around. Whenever we pass the leather/mining shop we have to stop and play a game of checkers (which I always lose). The music is somewhat annoying because I'm not much of a country music fan. Still, much more of a peaceful area, usually not as crowded as the others.
  7. Mrs. G. I do agree with you, this was very confusing, when it was first advertised I called the park and asked some questions and they said they didn't even have all the information to give out yet and they couldn't even help me at that time. If they're going to advertise something then everyone should be informed ahead of time in case of questions asked.
  8. Bring a friend free days are a horror! One of these days I'm going to contact the park with my suggestions on this, I think that they should give out a coupon book or something when you get your season pass processed and each month include one coupon to bring a friend free, not on any particular day (as long as it falls in the particular month printed on the coupon), you choose when you want to bring them, I feel that the park wouldn't be as congested if they were to try something like this.
  9. It's a sales gimic, makes you feel as if you're special and by spending the money on a pass, that you've earned the privilege to get in for free, meanwhile everyone else gets in for Fearfest for free also (as long as they pay to get into the park). :censored:
  10. During the summer months I would use the early admittance to Waterworks, since I very rarely stayed til closing this worked out good also for the parking. Not so good if you stayed past Waterworks closing time. Otherwise I have always used the gold pass parking lot. Once we used the gold pass meal deal, not too bad of a deal if you figure it out in comparison to full price.
  11. To give an idea to CoasterRZ of what another water park that I have a pass to does-you buy a premium pass for $20 more and you all you have to do is show your pass for free 20oz drinks good for the entire season, no limit per day, no buying a cup to carry around. Rather nice in my opinion.
  12. I have a picture but my scanner isn't working right so I can't provide it at this time, but the link that specialk141 provided seems to be identical in design according to my picture which was taken the summer of '92.
  13. I was at the concert, wasn't a very big crowd. Third Eye Blind was really good, they didn't get started until a little after 8 and played til about 9:30. Glad that we had to stand to see because those seats are murder! We were out there freezing our butts off and the lead singer was throwing off his coat, shoes and socks and was running around on the stage barefoot. Afterwards we walked around just to see the lines for the haunted houses, they were awful, we didn't even attempt to stand and wait since we had already done all this two weeks ago. Glad that we planned this two separate weekends to catch everything and didn't wait and try to do it all along with the concert. Noticed that decorations in the park were no different than last visit, thought maybe since it was the first weekend that they weren't completely done. Only saw a few guys walking around in makeup, and same as last time saw no "sliders". Have a good weekend (what is left of it!!) Miss Di
  14. As SML828 said about 2000-that Saturday night was when I went, the lines outside to just get a ticket were horrible.
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