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  1. wHaT iF tHe BlUe PrInTs ArE fAkE?! Exciting night ahead of us, friends.
  2. Not a direct response to you in particular, but to this idea as a whole: Cedar Fair is going to evaluate the potential return on any investment they make. Enthusiast-driven labels like “giga” don’t make a difference. Why spend more cash on a 355 foot tall coaster that would (theoretically) show the same returns as a coaster that’s 296 feet tall? The cost of construction would eat into its potential earnings. There’s nothing to be ‘embarrassed’ about when it comes to profit. That’s business, baby. Side note: I, too, am pulling for a “Shooting Star” themed name. “Project: Shooting Star” has a nice ring to it. Vague enough to develop an interesting theme and a fun throwback to yesterday and the history of that particular area of the park. See ya Thursday, kids.
  3. Haven’t we talked about leaving John Matarese alone?
  4. I could see it happening eventually. Grand Carnivale seemed to do well and Winterfest ‘05 had a parade if I remember correctly.
  5. Because we’re not allowed to talk about the teasers in the teaser thread until they’re done teasing. Until then we have to discuss it in the decoding thread for the ride that’s already been decoded. Or in the alternate construction thread that covers the same information.
  6. I desperately need to own that Shooting Star print in some form. Still think that’d be a killer name.
  7. I second this. I’d love to buy the defunct ride prints.
  8. It may or may not have had multiple accidents that resulted in its closure and destruction because 200+ foot tall wood coasters have a hard time at Kings Island.
  9. Looks like a good time! Thanks for sharing! May the force be with you!
  10. That’s what’s up. Count me in.
  11. I’m team Shooting Star. It would be perfect. Edit: it would be cool to see some signage/theming to reference the ride.
  12. I’ve never in my life encountered a group of folks who complain this much about a (now) non existent roller coaster. There’s a lot more to life than Giga coasters and record setting. Chill.
  13. The day of the Banshee announcement a placeholder webpage was tested . It featured a wing coaster with the tag, “The Bat Flies Again!” From my understanding this was done to make sure the actual page launched smoothly after the announcement. It wasn’t much of a “fake website” as has been described.
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