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  1. Thanks for sharing. Never had a chance to make it to the park. I really dig QCD, keep up the good work, man.
  2. beastfan11

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    I, too, was blown away by Winterfest last year. Especially given my only frame of reference was Winterfest ‘05. Cannot wait until Winterfest this year!
  3. beastfan11

    Some history of the "International Air Show"

    Great topic and info. Thanks for sharing!
  4. beastfan11

    Phantom Theatre Parts

    This. That building needs to go.
  5. beastfan11

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Keep in mind budget cuts and maintenance costs when it comes to the removal of Firehawk. Not everything means Giga Coaster.
  6. beastfan11

    No Day At Kings Island Is Complete Without...

    Riding the overpriced Biergarten!
  7. beastfan11

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Not terribly surprising. Firehawk was my first coaster that was built at the park as a KIC member, so I’ll always have fond memories of obsessively checking this site during that time period. Loved seeing the photos of the construction site from the skies oh so long ago... Firehawk certainly isn’t my favorite by any means, but I spent a lot of time riding it it’s first few years after it’s relocation with friends (and girlfriends) who have seemingly moved on much like the ride itself. Good times, good times. Im excited to see what the future holds for the land it occupies, but I’m more convinced this was a budgetary issue as opposed to a removal for expansion. But we’ll see, won’t we? Rest In Peace (Pieces), I guess.
  8. beastfan11

    The Amusement Park Railroad Thread

    Don’t want to hijack your thread, but I figured this was the best place to post this: A pretty cool look at Knott’s!
  9. beastfan11

    Rivertown Burger and Potato works

    Nope. They should focus on enhancing what they currently serve before adding new menu items.
  10. beastfan11

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    Its odd you mention that. While I’m not disappointed so to speak, I get oddly nostalgic about stuff like this. It’ll be weird to see that end of the mall revamped. Especially the removal of the Flight Commander pad and que. I have a lot of memories of Coney Mall as well, but the changes that are coming are much needed and much needed improvement!
  11. beastfan11

    2005 Paramounts Kings Island Fear Fest and Winterfest News Report

    The R.L. Stine haunt was just a light retheme of what was once House of Darkness, then Massacre Manor, then Delta Delta Die. It was located in the old games building that is where Coney BBQ resides today. Winterfest ‘05 was a bit of a disappointment. It was not included for Gold Pass holders and there was hardly anything to do really. But it has a soft spot in my heart because it was actually one of my first dates. Winterfest ‘17 was a significant improvement. But I’ll echo the above sentiments and say that the 12 Days of Christmas show was underwhelming.
  12. beastfan11

    The love for Son of Beast

    It was a ride beautiful to look at. The layout was pretty boring and the overall ride experience was lackluster at best. A lot of good memories though!
  13. I think that could be said about a lot of the smaller parks in the Cincinnati tristate area. It seems like Coney was the only real survivor.
  14. I say give Slingshot the axe and out a Ferris Wheel in Oktoberfest.
  15. Bump. Now that I live right up the street I was able to take a stroll through what’s left of the park. For anyone that’s interested: