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  1. Had a great, albeit quick, trip to the park today. It was nice to miss most of the rain. Unfortunately, still ended up getting a little wet. On which attraction? Would you believe me if I told you BBoBH? Haha. Apparently it got a bit “leaky” in the queue this afternoon. This ride is in such a sorry state. I hope something is done with this space soon. An “encore” of sorts wouldn’t hurt!
  2. Best season at the park in my 30 years. We’ll deserved! Congrats and cheers to another great season!
  3. Agree with you 100%. I think a lot of people miss this. Quite simple, yet effective. But they tell a cohesive story and the overall experience “works.” Unfortunately, BBoBH (in my opinion) suffers from a lack of story, derelict effects/scenery, and a non-working gimmick in the shooting aspect. I make it a point to ride BBoBH every visit, and as of the end of the regular reason my/our guns only worked 30%-ish of the time. If that’s such a big aspect of the ride, you’d think it would be a priority to have it work. To your original point, three dimensional figures with basic articulation would probably be more than effective. I think time, as it often does, softens our memories and if you were to look back at the PT POV’s you’ll see that most of those animatronics weren’t incredibly dynamic. Which is fine. Many of the characters featured limited articulation. But again, they’re incredibly fun and effective. The intensity, cost, and upkeep of those animatronics are greatly over exaggerated in comparison to those featured in other attractions throughout the industry. That’s not to say they’re not a lot of work and/or not impressive or expensive. It’s sort of become another KIC-ism over time similar to “Winterfest won’t return because of (XYZ Reason).” And we know what became of that. There’s a lot of irony in perpetuating the “too expensive” rhetoric and then turning around and saying that the non-working shooting gimmick is essential to the ride experience. They could do something really special. Especially when you look at the recent thematic elements /additions in Mystic Timbers’ shed. They could do it right. Whether or not they would is up for debate. I think anything that goes in that building is going to be held to a higher caliber by fans because of the history of attractions in that spot. I definitely thinks that’s why SDATHC and BBoBH were/are met with a resounding “meh” from fans. They were both progressively cheaper reskins of an impressive attraction and as result they ultimately fell short. Hearing Rick Batsrup talk about a potential reincarnation of the ride with yet to be revealed characters and a new Garbonzo-centric finale makes me believe that, if they were to involve R&R, then it would be done correctly. One can only dream.
  4. Because a good number of folks on this site are hellbent on shoving a coaster into every single semi-available piece of land within the park. The mental gymnastics preformed to justify a new coaster installation is mind boggling to me. I’m also confused to why everyone wants to see Congo Falls removed. Same goes for Timberwolf. There’s plenty of available space for new additions without removing either of these. It’s also important to understand that not every new addition needs to be a coaster.
  5. Consider me another who’d purchase all of that!
  6. Hey, it’s happened before right? I’m with ya on hoping they could return as well.
  7. You’re welcome. It’s a sad sight for sure. I don’t think there’s been much of a reason explained thus far.
  8. Ah, I miss Swan Lake. That whole area between the Eiffel Tower through the Junkyard Coaster and into Rivertown has seen better days.
  9. For what it’s worth.
  10. It was a really involved maze. Definitely something special. Sorely missed.
  11. Also… Urgent Scare has seen much better days. When it debuted, it was one of my favorite mazes created for Haunt. But now? It’s truly just a shell of its former self. I hope they’re able to utilize that space for a more permanent attraction and spend some time, money, and TLC on the existing mazes.
  12. A significant addition doesn’t always mean a new coaster.
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