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  1. What's Your Favorite Moment on Any Ride?

    1. All the dark ride smells.
  2. Train Tunnel Remnants

    Thanks for all the info! And yes, I love the new exhibit. My absolute favorite part of the park!
  3. Train Tunnel Remnants

    Thanks for the info. I'd love to see what's left, assuming I'd be allowed to. Don't wanna land in Coney Island jail.
  4. Train Tunnel Remnants

    I was just curious as to whether or not anyone had information on the subject. I believe heard/read that the train tunnels from the original Coney Island & Lake Como Railroad are still standing. Is this true? I could certainly be incorrect. If I'm not completely insane and just making this up, do pictures of these exist? Are the visible from the park today? Thanks!
  5. Adams Family Coaster

    Holy Thread Bump. It's funny. Rumors of Winterfest's return, rumblings about Antique Cars... Some things never change! Obviously The Adams Family theme is out of the question, but with additions like Banshee and Mystic Timbers Cedar Fair doesn't seem to mind the themeing/coaster combination. I'd love to see something like this finally make it to the park, especially with Boo Blasters in its current state. What do you guys think?
  6. Pop music back on International Street

    What a joke. Very disappointed. The beauty of going to places like Kings Island is the aspect of escape, and that's lost with the garbage they play throughout the park. I guess it's just another aspect of Kings Island that's going to feel "cheap" now, amongst many other things. I hope this doesn't spill over to Winterfest. These are the types of decisions that make me lean towards not renewing my gold pass. I've have too many cool trips to Coney Island this year and want to make it to Disneyland soon. Maybe it's time to take my cash elsewhere.
  7. Things that KI can improve on

    Pretty much spot on, my friend. Although I'm gonna disagree with the Mystic Timbers ending. It is essentially a glorified brake run, but I'm grateful we got what we did as opposed to nothing. It could've been a bit better through. I'm not too hot on screen based dark ride effects so it would've been cool to see something a bit more "physical" in there. Marty would've been a pretty cool touch hahaha. And if I had to guess/good I'd think the Snoopy lights would get pitched due to Winterfest this year.
  8. Will Diamondback always be the tallest at KI?

    I guess I'm confused as to why everyone thinks a Giga is "inevitable." Has there been any substantial information to suggest this? Or just wishful thinking? Personally I see Diamondback as the tallest coaster at the park for a while. There's probably a good 20-25 other things that should come before a Giga.
  9. Tower Gardens is currently closed

    Antique Cars! Bring it on!
  10. What Kings Island Meant Growing Up For Me

    Looking forward to more! Thanks for posting!!!
  11. Halloween Haunt 2017

    I'm curious to see extent of Halloween Haunt this year with Winterfest. I have fond memories of the last day of Fear Fest '05 and seeing Christmas decorations up in Rivertown. I wonder what the time frame/logistics are of redecorating the park that quickly.
  12. WDW Hollywood Studios

    The origin of the letter assigned ride system dates back to the original Disneyland. The park was originally on a ticket based ride system. You essentially bought tickets for each ride as opposed to paying one ticket price upfront at the gate to gain access to all the attractions. Each letter (from A-E) cost different amounts with E ticket attractions being the most costly. These got you onto bigger rides like coasters, etc. Eventually the ticket system was scrapped but the letter system is still used in order to "label" rides in regards to their thrill, popularity, capacity, and experience. So for example, smaller flats throughout the Disney parks would be considered an A or B ticket attraction where as larger rides such as The Haunted Mansion or Tower of Terror would be considered D or E ticket attractions. The more you know!
  13. WDW Hollywood Studios

    Sad to hear about the demise of The Great Movie. It's one of my favorites, always will be. The replacement seems to be fantastic, though. Very exciting. Bob Iger, can I have the Humphrey Bogart AA from The Great Movie Ride?
  14. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Hm. Interesting. I find that hard to believe, but exciting. They really must be going all out! Very excited!
  15. Food Warning: Rivertown Potato Works

    Man, are you serious? "Not a pool of blood BTW" Yeah its not a pool of blood, but would you eat that? Seriously?