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  1. That’s what’s up. Count me in.
  2. I’m team Shooting Star. It would be perfect. Edit: it would be cool to see some signage/theming to reference the ride.
  3. I’ve never in my life encountered a group of folks who complain this much about a (now) non existent roller coaster. There’s a lot more to life than Giga coasters and record setting. Chill.
  4. The day of the Banshee announcement a placeholder webpage was tested . It featured a wing coaster with the tag, “The Bat Flies Again!” From my understanding this was done to make sure the actual page launched smoothly after the announcement. It wasn’t much of a “fake website” as has been described.
  5. Just popping in to remind everyone it’s “footings” and not “footers.” Cheers.
  6. Looking good. Can’t wait to see what the lights will look like.
  7. I tried to visit the Brewhouse on Friday evening for dinner. Stood in line for a half an hour after asking the associate if I could order food at the bar. They said no. I got to the register and was told that I could order food at the bar. I went to the bar to order and their POS system was down. #kingsislandcomplainer
  8. Pictures don’t really represent how the fountains look in person. With that said, still feel like it’s a downgrade.
  9. “Complain about our water on the internet.”
  10. Finally they’ve listened to us. Looks like those X Base bathrooms are coming after all. #kibestday #urine
  11. My favorite ride is the Biergarten. Let the booze stay!
  12. “Reliving memories that are fit for a king.”
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