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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. There are plenty of (non-Disney) parks that feature “expensive” animatronics, yet they’re able to keep up with maintenance. Sally has done some pretty impressive work that far outshines Boo Blasters: I don’t want to come across as too insulting, but theming upkeep just hasn’t been a major priority for the park in the last ten years or so. (See AE) That said, it looks like that may be changing given some recent additions. A Phantom Theatre revival could definitely be possible. There are a wide variety of classic and contemporary dark rides adored by enthu
  2. Cool stuff. I’d also love some more info once you’re allowed to share! Phantom Theatre is probably my all time favorite. I’m not sure if you’ve seen these, but they may be of some help: https://www.dafe.org/articles/darkrides/phantomTheater.html http://www.dafe.org/articles/darkrides/phantomPharewell.html Hope this helps!
  3. Would you like some cheese and crackers with your whine?
  4. Great piece, man. Definitely worth the trip. Jealous you got in earlier than me!
  5. Foggy morning down by the river. The social distancing measures created quite the line outside of Moonlite Pavillon for the nostalgia sale. Couldn’t tell you how many people I heard discussing the lack of rides. What a shame. Anyway, here’s a few pictures of the park I was able to snap off waiting around. I was fortunate enough to snag something for myself.
  6. Love this idea. I always have thought a ground up RMC named “Wildcat” would be great to replaced BLSC.
  7. Not gonna miss this memorabilia sale. It’s a shame they don’t want to hold on to some of this stuff. Makes me wonder about the future.
  8. The stats are what they. Names don’t matter. If the coaster is great, then awesome. If it’s not, then it’s not. I never understood this whole back and forth argument. Who cares.
  9. This thing is obviously a hint regarding the return of SOB. I mean, look at the thing.
  10. Oh, come on. We all know that’s where the Intamin Blitz is going.
  11. Hate to break it to you, Chief. This site has been wishing a giga into existence since before Dinosaurs Alive was announced. You can’t take credit for that shared delusion. Every time the park does so much as move a trash can some folks here start raising money for first rider auctions so they can ride a make believe coaster before everyone else. A broken clock is right twice a day! Sheesh. I hate to sound like a Johnny Raincloud, but seriously. We can’t use the “B” word to (fairly) reference the size of a new addition, but this guy is allowed to spam this thread every time someone spray
  12. Wait. You guys go to the park to have fun? I’ve had a season pass since 2004 so I can complain about things on the Internet.
  13. You’re not wrong. Haha. I own around 275 vinyl records. These “kids.”
  14. Count me in. I don’t understand the “we don’t need one” argument comes from. It’s pretty much a standard across most parks. I’d love to see one in Oktoberfest.
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