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  1. The irony in "creating an entertainment destination" on the grounds of an entertainment destination that existed three years ago... I doubt they'll let the land sit for too terribly long. Flooding is always going to be an issue, but I imagine the current ownership/management would jump at the opportunity sell the land. With the race track/casino, Riverbend, Deadlow, food options dominating the area, it baffles the mind that the park could not have remained intact and expanded. They could have easily gone the route of retaining most of the rides and revamping the area to be a Newport on the Levee type place. It makes absolutely no sense to just leave all that infrastructure abandoned (or to be used as storage) in a part of the city that is prime for revitalization. I know Covid has affected every industry, but so far their promise of Sunlite's "water adventure" expansion has been limited to an inflatable obstacle course and a festival in which they planned to have an outside company bring in carnival rides, only to have it canceled last minute. That's embarrassing. Sell the park to someone else who knows how to run a park. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2021/11/24/cincinnati-coney-island-future-eastern-edge-pondered/6344346001/
  2. Love it or hate it, the Wild Thornberry’s retheme/overhaul is the reason it still stands today. That said, I’d prefer it be integrated into Rivertown again.
  3. We need a new Hitler reaction video for the annual off season drone footage arguments.
  4. Pardon the double post. For all those still interested:
  5. I’m going to try to get it on YouTube this evening. Thanks!
  6. It’s always fun when two hobbies/interests cross paths. I picked this up recently for my record collection. A cool glimpse into the past for sure. I’ll beat a dead horse by voicing my displeasure for the current direction of the park. Enjoy! IMG_5271.MOV
  7. Wow. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Excited to see more!
  8. My fiancé and I were there last night. I was genuinely surprised at how well everything looked. Not for cynical reasons, but because of the sheer force of that storm. They did a great job getting everything up to snuff! We had a great night. Kudos to the staff for their work!
  9. There’s a special place in theme park jail for folks like you. I can’t imagine how you can sleep at night. /sarcasm This is the most confounding argument on this site. It’s time for everyone to move on. If this is the most unjust thing that occurs in your life, consider yourself lucky.
  10. Really cool idea! Really lame price. I’d be curious as to the specifics of the pen itself. I’ve got a handful of really nice fountain pens so this is right up my alley. I’d bite for $59. But this seems a bit much.
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