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  1. Man, I hope that wasn’t intentional. Because if it is, that’s super weak. Edit: Spelling error. Duh.
  2. Had no idea. Super cool! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Looking forward to the new stuff!
  4. I hope Congo Falls outlives us all.
  5. This 100%. Leave it alone. It’s fine as is.
  6. Bad news from Grain and Grill. Hopefully they can get it together for next season. Your mileage may vary.
  7. I still think it’s appropriate for social media to focus on Adventure Port.
  8. Or, alternatively, the social media team is sharing relevant information regarding an attraction that was recently overhauled for their 2023 capital investment?
  9. Don’t know about next year, but per the Season Passholder’s Facebook group the turnout for the final show drew lines that reached back towards Delirium. I think the popularity could justify a third run.
  10. Here’s to hoping for a few more years of PT Encore. Wish I could’ve made it up for the last show today. (also, here to hoping for more PT in the future, but I digress..)
  11. Rode BBoBH tonight. Looking remarkably rough. Audio was out for a lot of the ride and the audio that was playing was kind of distorted. Odd. Time for a refresh!
  12. Looks like a really solid, well themed addition. Looking forward to this!
  13. Here’s a fun throwback I found at my parents house tonight after dinner. Certainly doesn’t like that long ago, does it? I remember taking pictures of Flight of Fear with a disposable camera. Haha. The sign shop tour was my favorite. Who else was there? I went to the other one in the 2010’s as well. I miss these events.
  14. In theory, yes. But I don’t think they have the ability to manage a system like that.
  15. Certainly don’t hate this, though there’s just something about the physicality of non-screen based dark rides that make them more memorable. That said, I don’t think screen based tech is going anywhere anytime soon. This is really cool and I’d love to see something like this make it’s way to the park.
  16. I think one of them would still look like Grain and Grill. … I’ll show myself out.
  17. You know, I’ve yet to see the new fountains do anything remarkably impressive that justifies the change, in my opinion. I definitely miss how impressive the old fountains were. I love the new IS, but would take the old fountains back in a heartbeat. Throwback to a favorite solo trip back in August 2018.
  18. We’re truly spoiled with such a piece of history. Think my wife and I are going to make the trip up after to work to give it a spin.
  19. This one’s a bit of a personal pet peeve, but… Man. Just staff the Antique Autos properly. Last three trips my wife and I have tried to ride. A 20 minute wait quickly turns into 45 minutes because they have like, 2 operators and 3/4 of the cars off-track. Dude, I just wanna drive some cars.
  20. Didn’t have the park sliding into lady’s DM’s on my ‘23 bingo card. #chadsgonnachad
  21. Hahahahahahahaha. Iit’s funny to think that they think that making this event a separate ticket will work. What the hell is going on? -beastfan11, looking at his 2024 pass renewal a lot closer.
  22. Subscribed! Checking it out now. Good stuff.
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