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  1. Probably for that green Intamin Giga YoungStud promised us a few years ago.
  2. Excited to hear some first reactions!
  3. Is this something I buy tickets for? Or just show up and pay at the park?
  4. This was probably 10+ years ago, but I remember reading a piece about the closure of the ride. There was a tour before it was removed and I think there was a “raffle” where a POV was given to one of the attendees. So maybe it’s the same video? Totally guessing. Edit: Found the article. http://www.dafe.org/articles/darkrides/phantomPharewell.html And here’s a bonus for anyone interested! https://www.dafe.org/articles/darkrides/phantomTheater.html
  5. If there’s a time to bring this ride back, now is the time.
  6. Instant buy. Sure is a lot of PT related stuff flying around as of late.
  7. Appreciate all the hard work being put into the site. Loved checking out all the old audio!
  8. Don’t tease me like that. Been thinking about this for a while now. Haha.
  9. Update from tonight.
  10. Oh, I don’t even think they would’ve touched it. It probably would’ve deteriorated to the point where they would’ve closed the ride without a replacement. One of the reasons I think Boo Blasters looks as “good” as it does, is because CF had an easily re-skinnable attraction in SDATHC. That was Cedar Fair then, though. Now, I truly believe that Cedar Fair (and general park management) is capable of maintaining an attraction of that caliber. Whether they would choose to do so is a different story. But recent additions show that they aren’t afraid of detail or theming. But I do fear something to the tune of what’s at Knott’s now with their rebooted Beary Tales attraction. There’s a place for screens in dark rides, but not to that extent.
  11. Looks delicious. For some reason, I’m in love with the Dinosaurs Alive turkey wing bucket.
  12. Well, I’ve been waiting for that POV since 2003. That took me back. Wow. Can’t help but marvel at how cool that ride was. It’s a shame it isn’t still around. Looking forward to the show and the continued use of PT in the park.
  13. Hahaha. This is hilariously and perfectly absurd. I love it. Can’t wait to see it! That being said, the park is going to be disappointed when they learn they can’t fly their synchronized drones over the park because it’s against park rules.
  14. This would be a fantastic location for a large Ferris Wheel with an incredible lighting package. Hell, the other side of AE could fit a new flat too. This could also be a great excuse to give Oktoberfest a much needed refresh.
  15. Be a bummer if they were removed permanently. Maybe they’ll be used in the PT show this year.
  16. Yesterday on the train the associate said he’d be returning.
  17. There’s a Reddit user claiming to see the collision. Take that with a shaker full of salt.
  18. Not to bring Reddit into it, but there’s a few more details:
  19. Might be better to release a statement to clear the air than let rampant speculation drive the narrative.
  20. Exactly. Most accidents in these environments are preventable and come as a result of some kind of safety failure or oversight. I don’t want to bring the Icon Park incident into the conversation because it’s obviously very, very different, but in getting back to the park on season pass preview day I commented to my fiancé how grateful I was to have a home park where accidents don’t typically occur to the extreme that occurred in Florida. Don’t want to sound like a broken record, but it’s just disappointing and I regret making the above statement about safety, now. You just don’t know what else could happen. I guess that’s the risk, though. Has the park released a statement yet?
  21. Leaving the Intamin/B&M argument out of the conversation, I gotta say I’m still pretty disappointed. Regardless of the severity of the incident, it’s never nice to see safety in jeopardy like that. Certainly makes me lose a little trust.
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