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  1. I betcha that Dick Kinzel guy is behind all this. Never trusted him or those tiny cups.
  2. Definitely to be taken with a huge grain of salt. But I came across this on Reddit. No real way to validate these claims, but the concept sounds really incredible. If true, I’m happy to see the “shooting” aspect of the current ride system not necessarily carried over. Wish this would’ve happened. Hopeful for something new in that space in the semi-near future, but with the merger, I’d bet we’re a few years off still. Would be curious to see if anyone has heard anything about this.
  3. As a marketing dude, I’m curious to see what they do (if anything) as far rebranding efforts. I’m not a huge fan of the current CF branding and I could take or leave Six Flags as a whole. But this could be a fun opportunity for a logo/branding refresh. Specifically while keeping each park’s individuality highlighted a bit. No name changes, though. Six Flags Ohio has a now troubled history and wouldn’t want to see KI change too much. But I can see it now… ”Six Flags Over It”
  4. My, how that view has changed.
  5. Love your whole channel. Great stuff! Hope you’re able to unearth some great treasures line @TOPGUN1993posted in this thread. So cool. Can’t wait to see more!
  6. Terrible. Hate seeing any park like this. Here’s to a speedy cleanup and recovery!
  7. Anybody else still actively collecting KI pins? I like to pick up one or two a visit when I can. I’m hoping they make more. Here’s my collection so far: Started way back in 2018 from what I remember. Also big into the Disney Pin Trading/Collecting. What KI pins would you like to see?
  8. Picked up my copy yesterday. May have skipped around a bit and read the AE, PT, and Jaws sections first. Really great read and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Can’t wait to keep reading!
  9. Seeing the same thing. Appreciate the powers at be looking into this! And keeping the site up and running. Thanks all!
  10. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/senator-level-of-opposition-heard-for-riverbend-2-0-meant-deprioritized-funding-for-project "Our office received more opposition phone calls and emails from constituents regarding the Riverbend 2.0 project than any other project or piece of legislation," Butcher wrote in an email to WCPO. "Therefore, the Senator chose not to prioritize this particular funding request." MEMI/CSO may not be responsible for the decline of the park, but nobody held a gun to their head and made them do what they did in destroying Sunlite Pool. Quite the contrary, as the public made their opinions known loud and clear, but they decided to move forward anyway. And said public outcry was so strong that it politically deprioritized the states desire (or lack thereof) to provide tax dollars to this stupid project. Fact of the matter, it looks like the majority of individuals were against this from the beginning. CSO/MEMI should’ve read the room instead of marching forward with their “holier than thou” attitude about this and the people of Cincinnati. What’s done is done, though. It’s just a shame because in the right hands the park could’ve thrived. But that’s not as appealing as a non-profit’s quest to turn a profit in roundabout ways by creating an additional arm of their organization to make money and simultaneously cover their own butts. I celebrate their failure and will continue to do so.
  11. I feel like there’s a golden opportunity to do a B&M Flyer in The Vortex plot themed/named after the Flying Eagles.
  12. Glad they didn’t get the funding. Because they don’t deserve it. But this makes me worry about the fate of the remains of the park such as Moonlite Gardens, etc. From Skyview12:
  13. The wait is almost over with the much discussed Splash Mountain replacement opening at the end of the month. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is set to begin previews this week with the official opening being on June 28th. As such, the Disney Parks YouTube page has posted an official (albeit poorly produced) POV this morning. A few thoughts… I’ll adhere to the TOS and not dwell too much on the controversy surrounding the ride and it’s source material, but as one of those “Disney Adults” who went to the Disney Parks many times as child… I have a lot of love for Splash Mountain and didn’t want to see it go anywhere. But I totally get the complications with the film and understand why the ride had to change. Not to mention it was in dire need of a refurb (which is supposedly the real reason for the update according to some). Regardless, I’ve been looking forward seeing the new experience and have been optimistic about their plans. But after seeing the POV I can’t muster much, if any, excitement. They absolutely gutted the first indoor show scenes. I didn’t have any delusions of grandeur about them matching the number of animatronics like we saw in Splash, but it’s absolutely barren. A lot of dead air. The signage throughout the ride is really tacky and on par with what you’d see in a high school play. The use of screens, though annoying, is commonplace and expected. But the utilization of said screens with already dated-looking CG animation (based on a 2D animated film?) is pretty abysmal looking. The music, when present, is really nice. But there seems to be a lot of dark, silent areas of the ride. Nothing will ever be as catchy as the original soundtrack, but I feel like they did a good job still. The story is a low point for me. Especially given the fact there isn’t one. Not a coherent story, anyway. It doesn’t seem like the Imagineers really fleshed out what they wanted it to be. There is no villain, tension, or “scary”moments throughout the ride and I think the final drop really suffers as a result. The actual finale scene is very cool. It’s obvious that this was where the majority of the budget went. Overall, the experience just feels hollow and rushed. And the inclusion of the beignets at the end of the ride makes it feel like a commercial. There’s just not a lot of character. Pun intended. Any other Disney Parks enthusiasts plan on checking it out? Thoughts?
  14. It’s wild to think that for the first time in almost 100 years that Sunlite Pool won’t be opening this weekend. Surely a credit to CSO/MEMI. I’ll leave it at that.
  15. They’ll play the main Peanuts theme from time to time. I selfishly would loooove to have the whole area accompanied by Vince Guaraldi.
  16. I thought they would’ve tried to get it open for the ACE event. Kind of a miss. Still pumped to check it out!
  17. As one who enjoys food, wine, and KI… let’s go!
  18. Love the idea of a food and wine type festival in Tower Gardens. I’d love to be able sit there with some wine. One of the most beautiful areas of the park.
  19. Third trip this season will be tonight. Made it to preview night and the following weekend. Haven’t seen a thing.
  20. That’s pitiful. They should be embarrassed. Is money so tight that they can’t: 1. Pay the original artist to use their work (this would also be a great PR/Marketing story). 2. Have one of their own designers/artists create something new? 3. Hire a freelance designer/artist to create something new? Gotta save money for the chicken sandwich budget, I guess.
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