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  1. Great piece, man. Definitely worth the trip. Jealous you got in earlier than me!
  2. Foggy morning down by the river. The social distancing measures created quite the line outside of Moonlite Pavillon for the nostalgia sale. Couldn’t tell you how many people I heard discussing the lack of rides. What a shame. Anyway, here’s a few pictures of the park I was able to snap off waiting around. I was fortunate enough to snag something for myself.
  3. Love this idea. I always have thought a ground up RMC named “Wildcat” would be great to replaced BLSC.
  4. Not gonna miss this memorabilia sale. It’s a shame they don’t want to hold on to some of this stuff. Makes me wonder about the future.
  5. The stats are what they. Names don’t matter. If the coaster is great, then awesome. If it’s not, then it’s not. I never understood this whole back and forth argument. Who cares.
  6. This thing is obviously a hint regarding the return of SOB. I mean, look at the thing.
  7. Oh, come on. We all know that’s where the Intamin Blitz is going.
  8. Hate to break it to you, Chief. This site has been wishing a giga into existence since before Dinosaurs Alive was announced. You can’t take credit for that shared delusion. Every time the park does so much as move a trash can some folks here start raising money for first rider auctions so they can ride a make believe coaster before everyone else. A broken clock is right twice a day! Sheesh. I hate to sound like a Johnny Raincloud, but seriously. We can’t use the “B” word to (fairly) reference the size of a new addition, but this guy is allowed to spam this thread every time someone spray
  9. Wait. You guys go to the park to have fun? I’ve had a season pass since 2004 so I can complain about things on the Internet.
  10. You’re not wrong. Haha. I own around 275 vinyl records. These “kids.”
  11. Count me in. I don’t understand the “we don’t need one” argument comes from. It’s pretty much a standard across most parks. I’d love to see one in Oktoberfest.
  12. Probably has something to do with that green Intamin track from a few years ago.
  13. I had an intense Friday and woke up Saturday with a mild hangover and a sudden urge to hit the park. Amidst the chaos of COVID, I had planned to take the year off. Things change. I had two packs of Polaroid film that I needed to get rid of anyway. Also, those shiny new pins from The Emporium were calling my name. It’s important to give into impulses occasionally. I only had an hour and a half to kill so I didn’t actually ride anything (except the Beer Garden, cheers). Unfortunately I didn’t have all the luck I’m the world with the film I was using but managed to nab a few shots. I’m als
  14. Looks great. I had to restrain myself at the park yesterday and only came back with two.
  15. This would be a great Haunt alternative this year.
  16. Total nostalgia trip. Thanks for resurrecting this thread. Man, I miss some of the OG mazes!
  17. I think “we” need to enjoy the park while possible. It certainly doesn’t seem like this situation is getting any better. DeWine has certainly made it obvious that a total shut down is definitely possible. What a weird season!
  18. Attendance must be hurting. Can’t say that would be terribly surprising. Tough situation.
  19. I’m really hoping for new ownership. It sure sounds like it’s needed.
  20. Greatest post in the history of this site.
  21. I adore the fact that enthusiast members of this website are actively going out of their way to get teenagers fired from their summer jobs because they’re offended by fanboy coaster statistics. Guys, it’s a roller coaster. In an amusement park. Just have fun and enjoy the fact that you can experience this new coaster installation in the midst of global chaos. It can always be worse. Sheesh.
  22. Favorite: The Racer. I’ll never understand the complaints. I’ve been riding it for years consistently and have never had any roughness issues. I also didn’t really grow up with smooth as glass coasters like Diamondback. To each their own. Least Favorite: Backlot Stunt Coaster. Italian Job was one of the first installations I closely followed as an enthusiast at a young age. I was so excited for that ride, but also sad to see the Eagles and Tiques go. The end result left the park with, in my opinion, a massively visible eye sore. That coupled with the lack of functioning effects make it f
  23. Spoiler for those not wanting any queue info.
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