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  1. I’m really hoping for new ownership. It sure sounds like it’s needed.
  2. Greatest post in the history of this site.
  3. I adore the fact that enthusiast members of this website are actively going out of their way to get teenagers fired from their summer jobs because they’re offended by fanboy coaster statistics. Guys, it’s a roller coaster. In an amusement park. Just have fun and enjoy the fact that you can experience this new coaster installation in the midst of global chaos. It can always be worse. Sheesh.
  4. Favorite: The Racer. I’ll never understand the complaints. I’ve been riding it for years consistently and have never had any roughness issues. I also didn’t really grow up with smooth as glass coasters like Diamondback. To each their own. Least Favorite: Backlot Stunt Coaster. Italian Job was one of the first installations I closely followed as an enthusiast at a young age. I was so excited for that ride, but also sad to see the Eagles and Tiques go. The end result left the park with, in my opinion, a massively visible eye sore. That coupled with the lack of functioning effects make it feel cheap. Honorable Mention: Adventure Express. I love that ride, but it desperately needs some TLC.
  5. Spoiler for those not wanting any queue info.
  6. Yikes. I’ll have to see it in person, but... yikes.
  7. Any insight as to why the rides were removed? The reasoning of the expansion of more water attractions doesn’t seem to reflect the reaction of the majority of the general public. I, too, fear for the future of Coney. This summer is going to be different for a number of reasons, but the lack of half the park is a major one.
  8. The theming is so loosely tied to that movie. Nothing about what’s currently there is at all related to anything that could be construed as offensive. I’m not understanding this one.
  9. That’s disheartening, but expected. I’m really thinking this years going to be a wash.
  10. At this point my questions/concerns lie in whether or not it’s “worth” opening this year. Mid-May is seeming more and more unlikely as time goes on. With the likely thinned out crowds once thing start do start opening up again coupled with the threat of a second spike in cases... yikes. We’re headed into to the weekend-only part of the season. There isn’t a magic economy switch that’s going to open the country back up all at once. It’s certain to be a slow process with many caveats regarding large crowds specifically. Is it financially worthwhile to open the park without much of a guaranteed return on their investment? Between planned special events, staffing, food service, and beyond it seems as though there may not even be enough guests (who are either allowed into the park or are choosing not to for their own safety) to justify the 2020 season. I’m legitimately curious about the logistics behind the decision. All we can do is wait and see, I guess. Oh, and maybe listen to those in the medical and scientific community. They seem to know what they’re talking about. Your constitutional rights aren’t being stripped from you. You might just have to wait longer to ride Sally’s Sea Plane again. You’ll be all right. Stay smart, stay safe.
  11. Bump. (Again) What an ill-fated statement.... New(ish) documentary about the Lagoon for those so inclined:
  12. Nice write up. Spend a lot of time in Northside not to far from the water company building. Had no clue about the train station being relocated. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Bittersweet. I can’t imagine the park will be around much longer, but I wish them the best. Hopefully this addition will draw some attention. I drove pass the park not too long ago and seeing the shores of Lake Como empty was a sad sight to see.
  14. Disneyland for sure. That park is magnificent and unexplainable. Coney Island Cincy was up there too, but...
  15. I would re-theme it to a coaster that’s dismantled and sent to Michigan’s Adventure in favor of something appropriately themed and landscaped.
  16. How incredibly depressing. Thanks for sharing nonetheless.
  17. Got a kick out of seeing young beastfan11 in some of those pictures and videos. Thanks for sharing.
  18. You think these crowds are crazy, just wait until that Vekoma Madhouse opens.
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