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  1. Didn’t have the park sliding into lady’s DM’s on my ‘23 bingo card. #chadsgonnachad
  2. Hahahahahahahaha. Iit’s funny to think that they think that making this event a separate ticket will work. What the hell is going on? -beastfan11, looking at his 2024 pass renewal a lot closer.
  3. Subscribed! Checking it out now. Good stuff.
  4. Gonna have to take a trip to the Mercado for a few frozen margs to get that wallet loosened up…
  5. Pipeline Paradise doesn’t deserve to have its memory desecrated by such incompetence.
  6. Certainly the end of an era. Bummer. Wishing him all the best!
  7. I would personally be shocked if they revamp that whole area and ignore Boo Blasters.
  8. I don’t know if they offer concessions, but I do know the offer hardly anything and are actively trying to destroy the park.
  9. There’s a certain dark ride in need of an overhaul…
  10. *cough Boo Blasters cough* Bring it back, you cowards.
  11. Sure is. Photo credit to the pass holder Facebook page…
  12. Cedar Fair has not installed a quality dark ride to date… yet. If anything, the recent thematic additions such as Adventure Port, Mystic Timbers, Orion, etc. prove, at least to me, that they have the ability to create a memorable dark ride experience that focuses primarily on physical sets and animatronics. They could do it. Now that doesn’t mean they will, or if this is even a discussion being had. But I do agree with you… begrudgingly. The Berry-Tales route is probably the most likely route, though I’d hope that would not be the case. I do hope it happens. I do hope it happens the right way.
  13. Caught PTE over the weekend (and bought the new shirt) and I loved it even more than last year. They seemed to have settled into the show as a whole and are having a lot of fun with it. Love the ad libs. All the changes made seem to be for the better. Can’t wait to see it again!
  14. I’m not sure. The parks are thriving and will probably continue to do so. The studio is a different case. I grew up during the Disney Renaissance (and I have the VHS tapes to prove it) and watched the new and old films as they made their way in and out of the “vault.” I think those classics will always stand the test of time, but their current studio output seems to be pretty uninspired. They really need to shift their focus to new, original stories and, most importantly, allow the creators and directors to have their own vision. So much of their recent output screams of “board room checklist filmmaking.” That’s not a formula that’s going to work forever. I’d argue that the tide has begun to turn. There needs to be a creative shake up. Kicking Chapek to the curb was a great start, but I’m not sure if Iger has the chops to right the ship completely. In an ironic and cyclical way, there almost needs to be an Eisner-type figure to come in from the outside and shake things up. - beastfan11, an old, grumpy shareholder.
  15. I’d go $125. Haha. But agree otherwise.
  16. *expletives* Next trip is gonna be an expensive trip to the park, kids.
  17. You do! My wife and I have two. And if I had to guess, we’ll end up with more due to their deliciousness.
  18. It’s a shame this couldn’t have (potentially) happened years ago and the Big Dipper could’ve been incorporated in some way.
  19. Kings Island: “Let’s take down the Halloween decorations in the old Son of Beast station since the structure is failing.” KIC: “RMC Giga Confirmed!” Temper those expectations, friends.
  20. He’s doing an off broadway revival of Oklahoma.
  21. I think it might be Ol’ as in “old.”
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