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  1. I think they’ll be back one day. Just feels right.
  2. They look great, but they’d look better next to the International Showplace.
  3. I’m pretty sure there is area specific music. Heard it at the Mercado last week. Unless that Mango Marg made me imagine it.
  4. Hahaha. No apologies! I got it. All in good fun!
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever been normal, but I do prefer Diamondback.
  6. I feel a bit responsible for the PT dead horse beating. But I won’t apologize. The two that always get me… 1. Son of Beast revival - I don’t get this one at all and I feel like a lot of people who want this to happen never rode the original. Spoiler alert: It sucked. A ground up RMC deserves its own “thing.” 2. The constant obsession with ripping out attractions for the sake of putting in a new coaster. There’s plenty of room to expand with removing anything. Knock it off, fanboys.
  7. Felt the exact same way! Could not agree with you more. It’s definitely something else. Can’t quite explain it, but it’s stunning.
  8. My wife and I made a nice, quick trip to the park tonight. Adventure Port (and the whole park) looked lovely tonight. Got another ride in on AE. Can’t say for sure if a whole lot has changed from this weekend. Nothing major to report. Hopefully they can get the rest of the thematic elements up to snuff soon. Really cool experience so far!
  9. Looking forward to checking it out again tonight. I can’t imagine that with the work they’ve put into the ride that they wouldn’t get everything in working order.
  10. Definitely feel like with the recent thematic upgrades with Adventure Port, they have the chops to pull off PT/dark rides. Now, whether or not they would is a different story. But I have the utmost faith that they can. Ten years ago? Not so much. But I’ve been impressed with Mystic, Orion, and now AE + all of Adventure Port. Here’s to hoping!
  11. Yeah, this all sounds perfect. Can’t wait to catch the show again this year!
  12. All right, spoilers ahead. Unfortunately, AE went down as we were getting into the station for our second ride and we had to split. So I only got one ride in. I’ll give my best overview for those interested, though I may have some of the details skewed. Photo dump. You’ve been warned!
  13. About to get my second ride in. Sol Spin is testing! IMG_2506.MOV I’ll have some more pics to share in a bit.
  14. It’s borderline nonsensical since there’s a direct reference to the Ark in Temple of Doom. But yeah, it’s a prequel!
  15. They’re really going all out. Can’t wait to see the final product.
  16. How about… all of this? Yeah, I doubt the John William’s Indy theme could come back, but one can dream.
  17. I’d rather have a 24 seat model and impressive thematic elements for the whole area as opposed to the 48 seat model on an empty concrete pad.
  18. Just visited their site to see if they’ve updated it to reflect these “anticipated” additions. Literally one line of copy on their home page that easily missed if you’re not looking for it. On a side note, I noticed this: I find it hilariously ironic that they have a beautiful, historic venue that was literally built to host Big Band concerts that’s currently being neglected/used for storage. Sigh.
  19. They have enough work-wise to do with their current park lineup. Probably a good call.
  20. Thanks for sharing. It’s certainly wild to see the stand up resurrected in any capacity. Very interested to see where it goes from here.
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