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  1. Hope these plans come to fruition. My wife and I were in Disneyland for our honeymoon and I think the whole resort has quite a bit of potential that’s never been fully realized.
  2. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2023/05/18/disney-worlds-star-wars-galactic-starcruiser-to-shutter.html I’m a huge Star Wars and Disney Parks fan, but I never understood the appeal. $5-6k for a two night stay in a windowless bunker just isn’t it…
  3. Wow, so you’re telling me Sol Spin isn’t even technically a Giga? (Sarcasm)
  4. Literally have a free court three minutes walk from my house.
  5. Better than nothing, I guess. But still pretty underwhelming.
  6. Just a quick peek over the fence…
  7. I think the launch is an added “gimmick” that could draw a lot of attention. Guess it’s time for that King Cobra revival. Ha.
  8. Do you think there’s a defining factor when it comes to chain lift vs. launch? Maybe it’s a comfort thing, but I’m not sure if there would be that much of a difference. I feel like “launch” is the way to go. Looks like a good time.
  9. Today has been an operations nightmare. The balance between Fast Lane and general queue has been so incredibly unbalanced. Just waited an hour for Antique Autos and had to bail because we literally didn’t move for a half hour. Ran over to the train and they’re sending out 1/8 full cars. Not sure what’s going on, but I hope they figure it out. Operations has always been a highlight, but today…? Not it. Glad the weather is holding out. Hope everyone is still having a killer time! Cheers.
  10. Looking like a pretty great experience!
  11. Please let us make the edit, I can no longer live with my 2006 screename as a reminder of a cringier past.
  12. On a semi-related note, the new design work for AE looks really wonderful. Very fresh, but still reminiscent of the old. Bravo.
  13. Man, seeing Adventure Express get this much love… I can’t wait until it opens! I hope we see the return of the Station Master voiceover in the queue.
  14. Per Facebook: What do you think? Legitimate?
  15. I remember her! Such a shame.
  16. I spent a lot of time during my teenage days running around the park and having a great time. When my friends and I were old enough to start driving, the park was one of the first places we went. We never had, nor did we encounter, any issues. Quite literally some of the best memories of my life. It’s a shame that younger guests won’t be able to experience that for themselves. That said, this is an absolute unfortunate necessity. In a post COVID world a lot of people (regardless of age) take to acting like idiots as default. We’ve all seen it the last few seasons. It’s a shame. I don’t envy the park for having to enforce this, but it seems like the right call. I’d rather have something in place like this than something reactionary. Not sure how this will work, but I’m hoping for the best for everyone involved.
  17. They typically open (what’s left of) the park around Memorial Day weekend. Looks like passholder preview is in 5/26. Enjoy it while you can!
  18. I’m regards to the landscaping… Isn’t it typically sparse this time of year? As spring progresses into summer/daily operations, the landscaping work tends to expand quite a bit.
  19. “You’re not her boyfriend, you’re her uncle.” Heard a grown woman say this to a child yesterday. No context. No explanation. Glad to be back in the park!
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