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  1. If anyone missed the show you can watch it here: http://www.vureel.co...-Hunters-S08E01 Just started watching, have no interest in the Ghost Hunters program, even thought I do believe in "apparitions" and whatnot due to some personal and family experiences, just like to see good ol' KI. Edit: Somewhere around the 20:00- minute mark it looks like Helbig's trying to hold back a laugh.
  2. ^To answer the first question, yes. You get to see all the animal attractions with the purchase of admission. Also you could probably do everything that you'd want to in one day if you manage your time well, but for a more relaxed, enjoyable time, two days would definitely be recommended. Make sure to check out Cheetah Hunt, their new launched Intamin coaster, and let us know how it was!
  3. Here's a POV of that No Limits Eiffel Tower coaster: More on topic, I don't know if I'd be a fan of a coaster like TTD or KK that right "on top" of the Eiffel Tower. I think it my ruin the view, and look of the tower. If it was built like the design in this No Limits video I'd be more for it. Thats just my two cents though.
  4. I can't wait to get back to HW. So much has happened since my only trip in 2007.
  5. Lightly throw the ball and give it some backspin. That usually works.
  6. Bings Map is a lot better in my opinion. Here's the link: Bing Map of KI Once you bring it up, click the icon in the maps window that says "Aerial" on the top left. Then click "Bird's Eye" you can get a really close and detailed image of anything in the park. The pictures are kinda old though. You can see SoB's loop in this one.
  7. Great PTR Zach. When I saw that CP was doing this last year I wanted to see experience it desperately. Now that it's at KI I suppose I'll be seeing it this summner!
  8. I live approximately 1160 miles away from good 'ol KI. Still have managed to go every summer for the past 12-15 years though. If I were to drive there Bing says it would take 16 hours and 50 minutes; holy cow. Conversely, my cousins live 5.6 miles away, and is like a 10-15 minute drive to the park.
  9. If I was you, I'd just ride with your glasses. I too have glasses and I honestly can't recall a ride at KI that I don't ride with my glasses on. Wait the Crypt is the only one. I've ridden everything else with the exception of Diamondback with my glasses on and not even with a strap. Just to be safe and/or if you don't have a second pair, I'd invest in one of those straps. Other than that, riding anything with your glasses should be fine. Side note: I've also ridden Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force with my glasses on.
  10. @Coney Island Rocks Yeah, I checked out those videos after I made that post. It surprisingly made me remember alot. Thanks though.
  11. ^Yes it is. I've always loved the deep sounding whistle those particular steam trains have. You can usually hear it anywhere in the park, except maybe near Flight Deck/SoB.
  12. ^I know what you mean my last trip to KI, Summer '09, I barely rode anything until night came around (The Beast ), because I was busy taking pictures of so much stuff. Even "small" stuff, like bumblebees.
  13. For everyone that wants to know what the ride is like here you go: I don't think it has the part that is being mentioned in this thread but its just to help give an idea of the ride. On another note, I wish I could really remember how the Phantom Theater ride actually was. All I remember is the q-line.
  14. VERY, VERY NICE TR faeriewench! Your pictures are very unique with some of the different angles of the park/rides. I'm also sorry for your loss.
  15. I really wish I could of gone to this event. I've always been a fan of trains, especially steam engines, and have always had a special place for Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad. Mainly for the fact that it's one of the few, true, steam trains operating in an amusement park today. Like Avatar, I've been riding this train since I was a little kid, not nearly as long though, and have loved it ever since. Also, many people like riding The Beast and now Diamondback at night at Kings Island, but I would encourage you to take a night ride on the train. It's a truly amazing and a much differe
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