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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. idk looking at the Cedar Fair press release it doesnt look good for ki, there is absolutly no mention of the park in any part of the release, i think it will be a general improvement and minor improvement year unfortunatly but we might need a year like this just to make ki more of a Cedar Fair park than a paramount park, and i guess the bright side is an off year like this may mean a big year the next year (2009!) so i guess all we can do is hope and wait!
  2. yes ur right, the job i wuz given wuz suppose to be for those 18 and older but i wuz still given it!
  3. um well bc im a minor and a supervisor i can say that they havnt and i kno of atleast four other minor supervisors in my area!!
  4. i dont mean to put a damper on the rumor but isnt there a concert this summer in timberwolf?
  5. nope gone all weekend, oh well maybe another time! but ive already riden it at geauga and its amazing
  6. At the 2007 general training the returners were told that anything saying paramount was not permitted to be worn for the new season.
  7. yup i have heard feb. 3rd! i got my thing in the mail the other day, this is great news!
  8. ya the thing i got for food service said to check to make sure you had "P" rehire status
  9. NO ur wrong those you buy FUN get units of stock. Why do you think its called a stock market? and yes they probably got nothing out of the court battle but I am sure that money is coming from some sort of emergency fund or insurance benefits.
  10. Someone on here (i dont know who) said that CF was a publicaly traded corporation. They were half right CF is a Limited Partnership and yes they do have stock on the NYSE but what makes them different from a regular corporation is the way they structure their investors and their SEC filings. So no we do not now how CF spends all their money just most of it. And as far as the SoB accident repairs I am sure KI and CF both have emergency funds for stuff like this, also insurance, and the damages they received from that court battle back in 2000. So it is my personal opinion that the 10 mil. will
  11. This is the first topic I have started but I thought this was interesting and timely with the new year and I am also a Lakota West Band member and I will be a Senior next year! Lakota West band begins Rose Parade fundraising BY SUE KIESEWETTER | ENQUIRER CONTRIBUTOR WEST CHESTER TWP. - The countdown begins today for the Lakota West Marching Firebirds, who have become the first high school marching band in Southwest Ohio to be selected to march in the Tournament of Roses parade. But getting to the 2008 event will cost close to $1 million. Band members and supporters will gather at 10:30
  12. I think the main gate has needed renovation for a while it is a boring and dark entrance to a great park!
  13. ya the police have had problems wit abandoned houses having copper wire stripped from them!
  14. Well the article is right if they can extend nick to all their parks they will be more succesful than with the peanuts. (sorry snoppy!)
  15. and if you bought and '07 pass (which i didnt bc i work there but my family did) they gave you temporary ones now why would they do that if they weren't changing their name or logo or both
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