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  1. ^ How does the picture of the T-Rex on page 58 not convince you that Dinosaurs are involved somehow?
  2. Here is an article Disney posted on their Blog about the Quake and what they've done at the Parks in Japan, with the Disney Wonder in the Pacific and the Aulani Resort still under construction in Hawaii. http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/03/update-on-tokyo-disney-resort-aulani-and-the-disney-wonder/
  3. Seaworld San Diego just announced their new coaster before any land clearing began. As far as I know, no work has begun yet on their new project, but I could be wrong. Should be interesting to see what develops from the "clues" we have seen recently.
  4. Processing does start this week, but one can not simply show up like in years past. Make sure you schedule your processing time and approve your Background check (if 18 or older) online on the employee site before making the trip to the park to process. They will not let you in to process if you have not scheduled a time. That being said, go ahead and fill out all of your paperwork, sign and date everything. If you have everything filled out when you hand it to the HR person the quicker you can finish. You should only need you State I.D. and Social Security Card, but bring the Birth Certificate just in case. Better safe than sorry. Show up clean shaven and grooming standards compliant because once you finish everything, your picture will be taken and you'll get your park I.D. Congrats on the job Skaterboy.
  5. ^^PREMiERDrum, Have you ever been in The Beast Queue when it shuts down for fireworks? If so I'm sure you've seen the good number of guests that get frustrated/angry during the 30 minute shutdown. Also as a reminder, the crew makes announcements about the shutdown beginning at 9pm, following at 9:15, 9:30, and then every 5 minutes leading up to the closure at 9:45pm. As PhantomTheater said, a 30 minute downtime could wreck havoc on TTD on a cool day. You've got to admit though, a giant screen on the tower would look awesome!
  6. ^Raptor Guy isn't mad about the ride, he's upset that the ERT will be on WindSeeker and Vortex instead of Diamondback and Beast.
  7. Trust me, I've read this entire thread and have gotten quite a bit of amusement out of it. It's almost as fun as an ERT itself! Things change over time, including what is deemed as the best option for the pass perks. But I have a question for those of you who renewed your 2010 passes for 2011. What did the renewal cost you? Or did you have to flat out pay the promotional price that was advertised during Haunt?
  8. I'd venture to say that Enthusiasts are not a big portion of KI's revenue. The shear number of families that visit the park on a daily basis are most likely the ones spending more money to feed multiple people. Now I understand the dissatisfaction among the people that were hoping for DB and Beast ERT this year when purchasing their Passes, but I really don't understand how many didn't see ERT for the SHINY, NEW ride coming! I would have been utterly shocked if the park had left WindSeeker out of ERT to sit in the back corner of the park until 10am. It's the new ride, why not show it off. On a side note, of the roughly 5,500 members of KIC if everyone were to spend $20 in the park in a day, that would be $110,000. I know some members on here have families so they could theoretically spend more, or less for just a single person. My point is, I'd venture to say, given the current prices in the park, enthusiasts make up just a small chunk of what the park pulls in daily. tycoon(Bet people wouldn't be upset if this was a brand new coaster and Vortex ERT)rebel7188
  9. The only reason I can see the park removing Timberwolf is because of its age. I did some work with a rigging company that sets up stages for different concert and show events and while I was working at a Cirque show in Columbus the topic of Kings Island came up. I asked if they ever did any work there and they said, "Yes, but it was a nightmare." Asking why, he explained to me that because of the age of the structure they can't climb in the rafters of the stage to do all their rigging. Therefore they had to bring in lifts to do all their rigging. I foresee it leaving us in the next few years if it is not renovated.
  10. I just saw this on my news feed. Taking a good look at the photo you can see the Turnaround for Racer. I'm intrigued to know what this is. Looks like a Topography map to be honest.
  11. From what i've read, and the way i'm reading it, a few of us are just looking at an immediate fix for SoB. $8 million to raze it or $15 million to fix it. All theoretical numbers of course. My thought is what happens if the park spends the $15 million to "fix" it and then 2 years down the road something happens to close the ride for good. In that scenario the park would be spending $15 million for the fix and then another $8 million to raze it resulting in $23 million in work. I've never been a fan of SoB. Best ride i've ever had on it was after the loop was removed. As much as I would like to see SoB come back in a better form, I foresee it hitting the scrap heap before anything else. -Steve "Just my 2 cents" S.
  12. The pacing on this ride really looks no different than that of a B&M Flyer. And as Go Browns said, this is rumored to be B&Ms foray into the 4D coaster and I think this is a good way to start. It makes since from a prototype standpoint, to me at least, to get the trains working right without rotation and then at a later point introduce the rotation to the trains. Not that Raptor will ever have that ability as far as we know.
  13. I love the pictures of WWC. I wish it still looked so well kept like in those pictures. Now a days it just looks more and more over grown and unkept. The park did do some weeding along the queue this summer, where the vending machines used to reside, and it looked rather good. Now if only they could get some round up sprayed on the rocks along the trough of the ride.
  14. I could see it going to 1 of 3 parks, Michigan's Adventure, Dorney, or Valleyfair. Of the 3, I believe it will go to Valleyfair the most of all. I really hope we don't see a Geauga Lake case with this park too. If so can we call their Flight Deck!?
  15. ^ And we also have a Scrambler, Monster, Bumper Cars.. .. .. .. I highly doubt we will see the CGA Invertigo relocated to Cedar Point, but even if it were, the general Public wouldn't know. It would just be the enthusiasts that cared.
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