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  1. Any rumors or plans of a KICentral outing this summer? The last time we went with you guys was when Diamond Back was being built! My son is finally old enough to join us for what was an awesome day!
  2. Sorry we didn't make the meet-up. Between fighting rain, and road construction all the way down, didn't get the camper set up and to the park until 6:30! Thank you for all the information though .... hopefully Leanne and myself will make a meet-up or event next year!
  3. Thank you for the information! Maybe we will try to get there a little early tomorrow. Anybody else going this weekend? Just going to be my 11 yo daughter and myself, so we should be good to meet up. Haven't got together with you all since the year Diamond Back was being constructed!
  4. Thank you very much, guess we won't get there early Friday then! And ERT on Sunday will work out great!
  5. Didn't see any information here, but does anyone know if there is still early entry during Halloween Haunt?
  6. Ended up being a great interesting trip!
  7. Made it to CP this weekend for what was supposed to be a nice half day visit on our way to Columbus. We got to the park around 20 min. prior to early entry time. For some reason they were diverting parking over to the employee parking area (hint 1). We got in for the early ride times and headed straight over to Gate Keeper. No lines, but the person on the train before us had gotten ill so the ride ops were cleaning that up. They tried for about 10 min. to get the water hose going to no avail (hint 2). They got the car cleaned up, and sent out empty to air dry, and we got on they next car. This being our first time on Gate Keeper, that was an excellent ride, front seat on the outside rocks! Headed from Gate Keeper over to Raptor. Again no lines. This used to be one of my favorite coasters, so we rode a couple times. Headed from there to one of my daughters favorites, Millenium Force. There was about a 15 min. wait for this ride, so we opted just to ride once for the day. On the way back to the midway we were able to catch a quick ride on Mantis and Iron Dragon, no wait on either one. We got back to the midway shortly after park opening to meet up with my wife and do some easy rides with her. Decided to get on the Antique Cars, but they had just emptied the line and were parking the cars??? Ok, no problem, we'll hit the restroom real quick and head toward the back of the park. Both the women's and men's restrooms were closed?!?!? We looked around and all the rides were in the process of shutting down. Shortly they announced over the PA system that the park was closing. We couldn't understand the announcement where we were at, but we decided to just follow the crowed. Once we got to the front of the park, we could understand the announcement that they had a water main break and "would not be able to open for the day". This was not that big of deal for us since we were only planning about a 4-5 hr visit anyway, but understandably there were A LOT of irritated people waiting in a huge line for the customer service building. Got back to the car and in line to leave. This was a huge mess. Morning traffic still trying to come into the park, and everybody that was already there trying to leave. Thankfully as soon as we were able to get across the causeway, I knew a few back ways of getting around Sandusky. To show part of the scope of this closure, we stopped for gas somewhere around Bucyrus, OH, and there was a family there complaining about the Cedar Point closure. Then we went out for dinner in Columbus, and it seemed like half the dining area was talking about their day trying to go to the park! Hopefully the park does something for the people who were taking their summer vacation this weekend, and had to either cancel their vacation completely, reschedule, or spend extra money to stay a couple extra days at a non CP hotel.
  8. Thank you very much for the information! I figured that, but no reason not to ask. We haven't hooked up with you guys since the summer Diamond Back was being built, hopefully this will be a better year!
  9. We have platinum passes and are planning on visiting our 2nd favorite park (CP) this weekend. Does anyone know if you add the season long meal plan to a platinum pass if it is good for all parks, or just the one you purchased it at? I am guessing it is just the park of purchase, but not sure. Thanks for any information, and we will be down at KI July 15 - 18th if anyone is going and wants to meet up.
  10. I would personally take Diamondback over Intimidator, but actually would give up Firehawk for Volcano. Just got back from our first trip to KD, and Volcano has to be my favorite steel coaster of all time now.
  11. Glad you had a great trip, don't let the lines on Sat scare you, they are normally no where near that long. We went back on Sunday, and just about walked on every ride.
  12. Hi all, back from a recent trip to KI and Cozy-Dale campground and wanted to post a quick TR. DW(?!?), DD(7), and myself left norther ohio early sat morning for our trip. The GPS decided it wanted me to take a new route down there, so I followed its directions ... DON'T ALWAYS THINK YOUR GPS KNOWS MORE THAN YOU. All in all not a bad drive except for pulling a camper through every po-dunk (no offense intended) town, village, township in ohio! We stopped for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel somewhere south of Lima. I was looking very forward to my favorite Grandpa's Fried Breakfast. This was probably the worst experience we have had at this chain. The service was excellent like it had always been, but the food looked and tasted like it was somebodies returned order from an hour ago! Probably won't be looking as forward to going back. Don't worry, this is not a complaining post ... things are getting ALOT better. We got down to KI around 11 am with our vouchers in hand. Stopped by the parking booth with the camper, handed them our vouchers, and absolutely no problems. We decided to park out a little ways so that I could easily pull the trailer out, and ended up around Beast 49. We noticed ALOT of busses in the lot, but did not think much of it. After the longer than average walk up to the gate(I miss the trams!), we found a line for season pass processing ... great! This went extremely fast, and we were only in line around 15 min. We were in the park by about 11:45. DD measured in at about 48 1/2", so she wasn't sure if she wanted to goto Planet Snoopy or "big girl rides". She finally decided on bigger rides, so we headed for Flight Deck. Appx. 20 min wait, but she loved it! Then to one of DW's favorites, Adventure Express. Great ride, but DD wanted nothing to do with the last hill. Scrambler ... Shake Rattle & Roll ... then off to Stunt Coaster. Posted as a 60 min wait, but decided to do it anyway. Great ride, DD liked the take off, but not the "fire". It was a warm day, so DD wanted to go on the log flume ... so away we went. Luckily we were just getting in line when they shut down. DD decided it was time to go back to the truck to get a snack and rest for awhile. Unfortunately, she decided once we were there that she didn't feel real good, and just wanted to go to the campgrounds and relax. So (being the disappointed loving father that I am), we headed out to Lake Cozy-Dale Campground. We normally stay at Cedar Brook, but since I was only planning on sleeping at the campground, I figured we would give this a try. All in all a very nice place to stay. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Very nice seasonal people, and some nice temps. This is primarily a fishing place. There is not alot of things to keep children occupied. They do have a playground, and were putting in a pool while we were there. They do sell "real" firewood for around $5 for 8 pieces (pretty good deal for most places). Wild life is kinda cool ... I saw a flock of "Turkey Vulchars" (so they called them). They are huge and fly! DD made friends with a family of geese, and I'm thinking a few people ate some fish! All in all, I'm thinking if I am going to primarily go to KI and sleep and the camper then I would definetly return, if I am primarily going camping and visiting KI, then I would go to Cedar Brook. Sunday morning, got up and packed up camp. Started heading towards KI. I told DW to find somewhere to go for breakfast, she punched it in the GPS and we were off. Ate at Big Boy just down from the park. Good food, decent price, and great service. I wanted to be at the park by 9:15 so that I wouldn't miss ERT, so I was watching the clock on the bank (or whatever it was next door). It said 9:05, so we hurriedly finished our coffee and headed out. When we got to the truck, the clock said 9:23, and that stupid clock still said 9:08. Great I'm going to miss DB! Got to the park, parked, and was at the gate by 9:29 (no clue how!) This was the beginning of the second most incredible day I have ever had at KI! Gates opened, not as much security as what I remember from a couple years ago. Flash our passes at the attendant inside the park, and off to Diamond Back. DD & DW know they have to keep up. Walked on first time with another single rider. This ride is extremely unnerving, very little restraint, awesome view, and fast. Probably my 4th favorite at KI. PS whats up with the splash down?,just for chickens watching? Anyway, back on within a few minutes and sat in the 2nd row. Not much difference from 2nd to way back .. still an awesome view! Now 9:55 ... park opens in a few minutes, quick smoke and let breakfast settle after DB. No line for Linus Launcher,so DD went on that twice. No line for Kite Eating Tree, so we all rode that. No line for Flying Ace, so we got on that twice. Tried to get on Avatar, but it was closed. Went up to woodstock express, and waited about 5 min. DD was not as thrilled after she went on some bigger coasters. DD decided it was time for bigger rides, so we headed back to her favorite ... Flight Deck. After a healthy walk, we walk right on. Trip 1, nobody in line, so we ride again. After lap 4 DW decides we have had enough. Time for AE. 2 laps on AE without getting off and DD being scared was enough for me, so we headed for RACER. I know the park was slow that day, but it kinda ticked me off that they were only running one side of RACER. I mean come on, taunting the other train is alot of the fun on the ride. DD rode racer once and was not overly impressed. Off to spinny rides while I chill out for a few. DW&DD done coney island while I checked out wait for FH, said 60 min, but I doubt it was that long ... should have waited! Getting close to time to head back north, so we asked everyone what they wanted to do. DW ... Stunt Coaster. DD ... Log Flume, MS gave another choice to DD ... ET. Stunt Coaster ... 10 min wait at 1 pm. DD really didn't want to ride, but after the first trip she wanted to go again. Totaly of 3 trip and 25 min later we are off to the log flume. This ride totaly disappointed me. They didn't do anything with the theming at the beginning, and took down eveything during the ride. At least paint the tube so it does not look so run down if that is all you have to look at! ET, and back on the road. Had a blast and counting the days to first trip to Kings Dominion!
  13. Thankfully the BYBBQ, Character Breakfast, and Rivertown Junction appear to be individual meal deals, the last time we had season passes, EVERYTHING was for a family of 4 and we only have 3. IMO Rivertown Junction is probably the best deal in the park to get a decent meal and relax for awhile.
  14. Do they do this for Girl Scouts also? If so, does anyone have a link, my daughters troop would love it!
  15. Thanks for all the great information, we are not going until June 23rd & 24th. My daughter has been asking what they have there, so I figured this would be the place to ask. We are definitely looking for to trying out a new park. Also trying to find out information on the "Walk on Wednesday" platinum perk. Their website really doesn't go into details. Hope everyone enjoyed their opening day trip.
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