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  1. Any rumors or plans of a KICentral outing this summer? The last time we went with you guys was when Diamond Back was being built! My son is finally old enough to join us for what was an awesome day!
  2. Sorry we didn't make the meet-up. Between fighting rain, and road construction all the way down, didn't get the camper set up and to the park until 6:30! Thank you for all the information though .... hopefully Leanne and myself will make a meet-up or event next year!
  3. Thank you for the information! Maybe we will try to get there a little early tomorrow. Anybody else going this weekend? Just going to be my 11 yo daughter and myself, so we should be good to meet up. Haven't got together with you all since the year Diamond Back was being constructed!
  4. Thank you very much, guess we won't get there early Friday then! And ERT on Sunday will work out great!
  5. Didn't see any information here, but does anyone know if there is still early entry during Halloween Haunt?
  6. Ended up being a great interesting trip!
  7. Made it to CP this weekend for what was supposed to be a nice half day visit on our way to Columbus. We got to the park around 20 min. prior to early entry time. For some reason they were diverting parking over to the employee parking area (hint 1). We got in for the early ride times and headed straight over to Gate Keeper. No lines, but the person on the train before us had gotten ill so the ride ops were cleaning that up. They tried for about 10 min. to get the water hose going to no avail (hint 2). They got the car cleaned up, and sent out empty to air dry, and we got on they next c
  8. Thank you very much for the information! I figured that, but no reason not to ask. We haven't hooked up with you guys since the summer Diamond Back was being built, hopefully this will be a better year!
  9. We have platinum passes and are planning on visiting our 2nd favorite park (CP) this weekend. Does anyone know if you add the season long meal plan to a platinum pass if it is good for all parks, or just the one you purchased it at? I am guessing it is just the park of purchase, but not sure. Thanks for any information, and we will be down at KI July 15 - 18th if anyone is going and wants to meet up.
  10. I would personally take Diamondback over Intimidator, but actually would give up Firehawk for Volcano. Just got back from our first trip to KD, and Volcano has to be my favorite steel coaster of all time now.
  11. Glad you had a great trip, don't let the lines on Sat scare you, they are normally no where near that long. We went back on Sunday, and just about walked on every ride.
  12. Hi all, back from a recent trip to KI and Cozy-Dale campground and wanted to post a quick TR. DW(?!?), DD(7), and myself left norther ohio early sat morning for our trip. The GPS decided it wanted me to take a new route down there, so I followed its directions ... DON'T ALWAYS THINK YOUR GPS KNOWS MORE THAN YOU. All in all not a bad drive except for pulling a camper through every po-dunk (no offense intended) town, village, township in ohio! We stopped for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel somewhere south of Lima. I was looking very forward to my favorite Grandpa's Fried Breakfast. This was
  13. Thankfully the BYBBQ, Character Breakfast, and Rivertown Junction appear to be individual meal deals, the last time we had season passes, EVERYTHING was for a family of 4 and we only have 3. IMO Rivertown Junction is probably the best deal in the park to get a decent meal and relax for awhile.
  14. Do they do this for Girl Scouts also? If so, does anyone have a link, my daughters troop would love it!
  15. Thanks for all the great information, we are not going until June 23rd & 24th. My daughter has been asking what they have there, so I figured this would be the place to ask. We are definitely looking for to trying out a new park. Also trying to find out information on the "Walk on Wednesday" platinum perk. Their website really doesn't go into details. Hope everyone enjoyed their opening day trip.
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