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  1. We are coming down to KI father's day weekend to get our season passed. A friend of mine told me that we could purchase discounted tickets for guests that weekend. I must have not completely read (and deleted) that email. Is this true, and where can I find information about this promotion? Thank You for your help.
  2. This was our first trip to pki in 7 yrs. My wife, daughter (3 yrs old), and myself arrived in Mason at around 3:00 pm on friday. Our hotel room wasn't ready so we went to a little bar & grill on 741 for lunch (a little expesive for what it was). After getting our hotel, we were all excited to get to the park. We arrived at the park just after 5:00. The only problem we had was that no one told us we had to goto the ticket booth to trade in our "night before free" tickets for 2 tickets. Not a big problem because there was no lines. Once there, we headed straight for Nick. The first ride we came to was the swings. No line so we rode. After that we headed for Scooby Doo. Again no line outside. As soon as we got inside, our daughter got scared so we didn't ride. (I miss HBland and the smurf ride) After that we got on sport-a-copter within 10 min. Daughter loved it wife didn't (because I failed to tell he she really didn't have to peddle!LOL!) Blues clues was next, another big hit with no line. Next was the Dora train ride - very dissapointing where was dora? - there was very little themeing?sp?. After that dissapointment, we went for a real train ride on Miami Valley RR. Nice ride. We departed at Rivertown, and I decided to checked out the line for The Beast while they were having french fries. Absolutely no line - no kidding - walked up the lane and onto a car. I still think The Beast the best coaster I have ever ridden. Once reunited - 15 min later - we headed back to nick. Tried to ride Little Bills coaster as a family, but I was informed that I had to have a child with me to ride. (too bad, I probably would have bought the picture of all of us on my daughters first coaster) But not a problem, she just had to ride twice. Then back to sport-a-copters and blues clues. After a short break we found the cars - longest line of the day - appox 15 min. We then headed past the Avatar and found Swipers Sweepers (I wish I was small enought to ride). Rode that 3 or 4 times with no lines. After the second time I left to go check out what used to be the scooby zoom. Still a great ride!! I love wood coasters. After we got her off swipers sweepers, she rode the nick-o-round. Nice ride, could use some more themeing. Last ride of the night was Planton's Plunge. Fairly short line - approx 15 min. On the was up, my daughter was holding on for dear life, after the first drop, she loved it! Fireworks finished up the evening. By accident and lack of time, we found a great place to watch. Right by the Days of Thunder go carts, past Delirium (and the big tree). Awesome view, but I remember the fireworks being longer. All in all great evening at pki!
  3. After looking at the trip planner, it says the main gates open at 9:00 and the rides open at 10:00. I got the impression from some of the posts that the main gates don't open until 10:00. Could somebody clarify this for me? Thank you for your assistance.
  4. Thanks to all posters here on PKIC. Me and my family are heading down to PKI in 2 weeks (after about 7 yrs.!). I have found alot a valuable information on this site. I was especially ?sp? impressed with pkimaureen with her information after the recent developments. Thanks again, and I look forward to posting a hopefully great experience in the trip reports when we get back.
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