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  1. I have not had any situation like that luckily, but one time when I went with my friends this summer we were about to get into line for Tomb Raider and all of a sudden a girl chucks it up right in front of me . Needless to say it wasn't a pretty sight, but the attendant outside of the ride cleaned it up rather fast and I just walked off.
  2. ok, I might just skip out on going saturday and go early next week then
  3. Since Weird Al's concert is this saturday, I was wondering how crowded the main park will be during the evening hours mainly from 4 to close. During other concerts are the crowds still riding the roller coasters light? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. That is a disappointment. I sadly only got to use the gold pass speed lanes once, but it was well worth it. I also used the double ride tuesdays, which was very confusing only having to flash your pass, and I could have sworn there were for than two rides for some people on The Beast, but o well.
  5. I plan to head to the park this saturday (8/10/07) and was wondering if the Gold Pass Speed Lanes perk for gold pass users is finished? Thanks for any input, those lanes really help
  6. This is really awesome. I can't wait for the day, I've never been on a walk-back tour before. I always wondered what it would be like.
  7. Yes, Go Tribe! Ha ha, I wish I had the time, as they are just something to have around and they could easily be worth something one day, but being an Indians fan, I wouldn't waste my time
  8. I actually went last thursday, and the lines were not bad at all. The longest wait was for Firehawk of course, and I waited for around 52 minutes during the 7-8 PM hour. The Beast wait was fairly short (roughly 5 minutes) and Vortex, Flight of Fear and Topgun were walk ons. Of course, that was just my luck, as the day for you could be fairly different. It all depends on the crowds at the waterpark and the leveling out at the main park. As for the weather, I believe Cedar Fair adopted their policy at Kings Island when mainly all rides close. Someone else on this board may know the actual information.
  9. I was also there yesterday (6/21/07) and the trains were indeed running. As I was walking through Action Zone around 2:00 PM, the train was climbing the lift hill with the water dummies in it. The cars looked nice on the track, but I can't wait to ride the Son of Beast again.
  10. I appreciate it, but I actually just went to the park today. Firehawk was the last ride of the day for me, and I waited from 7:30-8:22 P.m. so roughly a 52 minute wait. It wasn't bad either. Also, Son of Beast was running full cycles today with water dummies. From what I could see, the trains looked nice on the track.
  11. speaking of which, has Firehawk been having mechanical problems a lot lately? When I was waiting in line/riding last weekend there were no problems, but when I read posts here it seems like the ride breaks down often.
  12. Sorry if this has been asked before, but how long is the line for Firehawk usually on weekdays? I went last saturday and it was only about an hour wait, so I'm hoping it is about, or shorter than that time. If anyone has had an experience with the ride on weekdays, can you please tell me how long the line can be expected to be? Thanks, as I'm going tomorrow and can't wait to ride it again.
  13. I believe you can get the tickets before the rope drops, as the stand is before the cut-off area. I really liked using the gold pass speed lanes this past weekend, but I also do not think it's fair. But eh, if it's free perks that come with the pass, I'll take it. My friends and I by-passed the whole Beast line (full que house and all) I felt quite bad
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