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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Your pictures are AMAZING! I wish I could take pictures that looked somewhat decent!
  2. We should start a group therapy that involves buying a basketball and stabbing it millions of times with a knive until it's in shreds...then cutting the remaining shreds into pieces with scissors...then setting the tiny pieces of confetti on fire...then throwing the ashes on people dibbling the basketballs. Flyer, who thinks this would be a blast! Sounds awesome, Where do i sign up? Dribble haters anonymous. Considering I played basketball most of my life it sounds weird saying that.
  3. People dribbling those stupid basketballs and playing with them in line. (I seriously just need to get over this...Is there a therapy group or something?)
  4. I was on Magnum last year and was hit by a camera someone lost in landed in my lap (after hitting me on the forehead) and I gave it to a ride op. I had to get an ice pack. I had a pretty awesome knot on my head.
  5. I was there the ninth and it was there!
  6. Theming can really make or break a ride. BLSC is another one that aggrevates me. The end splashdown looks so trashy now with its couple of puddles. Last time I was on it there was debris and even a comb in a puddle at the splashdown. I never rode AE when it had all of its theming. What all was there?
  7. I miss the music the most. Paramount story was another favorite of mine.
  8. The shows are such a nice break after riding for a while.
  9. So when me and my friend rode Adventure Express we go to talking about the huge Fake out the second Hill is in the tunnel. I searched the forums and couldn't find if anyone else had posted about it. Was there supposed to be more to the coaster after the tunnel with the statues or was it built that way just to fool people?
  10. I was in line for Adventure Express on Tuesday and the ride op was talking about how much she loved Adventure Express. She said it was her favorite because it was a great ride for all ages and that it is always awesome when you can ride with Grandma!! I laughed for quite a while.
  11. Monday night me and my friend made a spur of the moment decision and decided to go to the park. We left that night and stayed at a condo a friend of ours rents during the summer. We left for the park around 9:15 and got there right as they were singing the National Anthem. We decided to go to Action Zone first and headed to Delirium. We were the second ride of the day and it was a walk on. Headed over to Flight Deck after that and it was a walk on as well. then, we decided to go to FoF and on the way made a pit stop to AE. I have to praise the ride ops on Adventure Express. T
  12. The Beast at night! Favorite thing everrr!!
  13. I've ridden in the middle, front, and back. (1,6,14) and my best experience was in the front. I loved the feeling of being pulled over the hills that you get when you ride in the back but there is just something about that front seat that gets me.
  14. Speaking of park wear lol. I've been trying to find a pair of cargo shorts for women. If you've got a pair please tell me where you got them! I would just get some off of the internet but I'm always hesitant of buying clothes online.
  15. It makes my ears ring and even gives me a headache sometimes. I love it though!
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