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  1. Lost Backwoods Bayou, Urgent Scare, Rivertown Reaping, Dance of the Macabre, Blackout, and Wolfpack. Traded Field of Screams for Corn-ered Backwoods Bayou and Wolfpack were both bottom of the pack to a lot of people. Urgent Scare and Rivertown Reaping were most likely cut due to the pandemic (Hospital and Plague doctors) Blackout was probably a similar reason due to touching the walls to work your way around the maze. Dance of the Macabre was under the Eiffel Tower which is getting its repaint. All of these moves make since to me, and I can say that we have a rather good and large crew for Slaughterhouse this year. I have always been a quality over quantity guy. Plus with all the food offerings and Tricks or Treats Fallfest, I think we are going to have a great season. I hope to see many of you there. Come visit Slaughterhouse for the freshest cuts of meat in town. We are dying to "meat" you.
  2. Loved the Uber loud Son of Beast lift. The Steel Vengeance lift reminds me of it. I would go with Magnum XL 200 though, it gives me the creeps still sometimes all the while building anticipation.
  3. I find it odd that it appears she's looking at photos of Mantis in the 150 Year Anniversary Book. Probably to fuel B&M Surf Coaster rumors. Aren't those supposed to be the next gen comfortable restraint stand ups? I was actually hoping that it was Rougarou (Mantis) being relocated to somewhere It'll be appreciated. I do hope that Wicked Twister finds a new home thought versus being scrapped.
  4. I'm thinking 2014 for that shirt. They had the scream like a Banshee contest that year. Also, I'm pretty sure "it'll scare the yell out of you", was a slogan that year. Also as far as the Blackout building is concerned, that maze was all about touching the walls and feeling your way around while being grossed out as to what you were touching. Although I don't know if it's being eliminated, that would be quite the reason to do so. Eliminate as many touch points as possible.
  5. I was there on Monday June 28th and stopped into emporium to get my SoB coaster cutout. I purchased a copy from him as a suggestion before I even knew it was actually him. Really nice guy! I mentioned KIC as he signed it, and said I'd post on there. It is a great read, and a must have for a coaster enthusiast.
  6. 1. Son of Beast 2. Orion 3. Mystic Timbers 4. Dodgem 5.The Bat (Top Gun)
  7. When the ride reopened without the loop, the on ride photo moved to the loops former location.
  8. Cedar Creek Mine Ride. It would be enjoyable if the restraint wasn't trying to reassign my gender.
  9. Thank you so much! It is going well! She actually felt well enough, that she left the wheelchair and is walking. Getting our Orion ride soon!
  10. Yes and thanks! I actually emailed Don this past weekend. He responded and was very helpful. He's such a great asset to the park, and an all around good person!
  11. Thank you! She is definitely excited for our trip. It's nice to see a smile on her face knowing she has something to look forward to. Today she had a reading of some scans she had earlier in the week. For the first time since it has come back, it actually responded a bit to the last bit of treatment she had. Right now it's about comfortability, and this news means she can literally breathe a little easier. It has taken some pressure off of her esophagus. I'm not sure if this is going to change things and motivate her to fight for a little more time, but it was a nice bit of positive news.
  12. Hello there! I'm a long time member that used to be a whole lot more active on this site. I still very much love the site and lurk all the time. My sister has breast cancer and the outlook is not a good one. Her treatment hasn't been successful this go round. So, she has decided to stop treatment to avoid being sick all the time for no reason. She is spending a day with each immediate family member, and ours is Saturday the 26th at Kings Island. She wanted to spend the day with her brother at his favorite place. Also, she wanted her last new ride to be on Orion. I was wondering if anyone here had experiences with using the disability pass, and what to expect with it on what I'm sure will be a busy Saturday. I'll be pushing her around in her wheelchair. Do I just wheel that up the exit? Also, was thinking about Fun Pix, as this will be one of my last big memories with her. Is it worth it? What all does it involve? I don't know how long of a day we will be able to have, but she wants to stay for as long as she possibly can go. I want to make it as special as possible for her.
  13. If they could purchase one more park. I'd go for Fiesta Texas. Cedar Fair would do well to have some representation in that part of the country.
  14. I'm in Rivertown so it's good to hear we put in some good work! What made it good?
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