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  1. have you guys that have no faith in stand-ups not rode Chang at 6 flags? if not go ride it because its new and one of the most outstanding rides being a stand-up,,,there not going out of style, heck Chang out ranks alot of coasters @ pki but not my favorite The Beast..
  2. i heard from an employ there now this dont mean its true but i heard that since pki was bought out that cedar was going to probably redo sob or remove it..
  3. I cant figure out why pki would take out King Cobra to put in the Delurium, now pki has no stand up coaster and from what i hear over the net stand up coasters are some of the funniest coasters going...and the more coasters the better! Heres what i say expand some of the land for King Cobra and get that thing out of the weeds and put it back togethor so me and so many others can have the thrill of a lifetime, oh one more thing when i went to pki over the weekend i missed something so bad and later i remembered what it was it was when i was at 6 flags the week before and i rode the great stand up coaster Chang and after i left i relized i want to go back to 6 flags because of it,,,please bring KC back!
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